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Everybody Lies. Except Martha. Also Sam.

Back at the wedding, Taub tries to talk to Rachel again. He apologizes, but when Rachel says that her friend makes her feel better about her and her relationship with Taub, he doesn't believe her and says he feels betrayed and wants her to stop talking to her friend just like she asked him to stop sleeping with other women. Yeah, and he really kept that promise, too, didn't he? By the way, she refuses to stop talking to her friend.

House and Cuddy watch the new bride dance. House asks Cuddy what she would wear for her wedding. She says she'd wear white. "Traditionally for young, first-time brides," House says, sipping his champagne in anticipation of his victory. When Cuddy says it would be her first wedding, the trap is set and House calls her a liar. Yes, Cuddy was married for six days in 1987. House figured she must have gone through a divorce when she knew so much about New Jersey no fault divorce law. But then ... wouldn't she have been married for six days plus eighteen months? Or did she just get an annulment at that point? And who gets married for six days that isn't really drunk in Vegas? Cuddy seems to have a long history of terrible decisions when it comes to men. House says now that he's established that they've both lied to each other, they should be even. "Well played," Cuddy says. Then she walks away, clearly not about to forgive House just like she said she wouldn't so I don't know why House even tried that in the first place.

And now let's catch up with Wilson and Sam. He says that if the Chairman and his child bride have a chance of a happy marriage, then surely Wilson and Sam do. With that, he gets down on bended knee, says he loves her even more than he thought he did, and asks her to marry him. He shows her the ring he bought on the way to work one morning and she kisses him happily but ... doesn't say yes. "I don't even know what to say," she says; "where did this even come from?" She needs to find a reason to get the hell out of this, so she asks Wilson what he meant when he said he just realized that he loved her even more than he thought he did. Wilson says he knows that she was lying in those files to try to help those terminal patients, and he both agrees with and admires that. OOPS! Sam maintains that the dosages she wrote down were accurate, and the fact that Wilson thought she was lying to him before makes her very upset. She walks out.

And Foreman returns to the chocolate fountain with the ladies' drinks, only to find them -- and Chase -- gone. Foreman spots the three of them leaving arm-in-arm. Foreman consoles himself by drinking both drinks very quickly.

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