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Suspended Disbelief

Shitter sneaks up on Foreman and when the hell does this guy's shift end? And why is he allowed in the hospital lab, a restricted area? Why why why? Foreman doesn't need to talk to Shitter in a private room; he says House is an ass, but it's not Shitter's call whether or not he needs the Vicodin. Shitter says that he's been a cop for twenty years and he knows when someone is telling him a "self-serving story." "If you had my job, you'd know," Shitter says; "everybody lies." Okay, Shitter and House are both equally dogged in their pursuit of what they think is right. WE GET IT. This storyline better lead somewhere really great that's worth all of this.

House has run out of relatives to quiz Dan on, so Dan gets to ask his big, personal question. And it is: why did House become a doctor? House is disappointed by this question, which isn't as humiliating as he thought it would be. Dan really wants to know why someone who hates people so much chose a job that would require him to work with them. The expression on Wilson's face suggests that he would like to know this as well. House gets all serious and answers that when he was fourteen, his father was stationed in Japan. House and a kid from school (notice he does not refer to him as a friend) went rock climbing. The kid fell and House had to bring him to the hospital. The kid came down with an infection in the hospital and none of the doctors knew what to do, so they called in their last resort: a guy who House thought was a janitor but who was really a doctor and a Buraku, a member of Japan's untouchable class. No one on the staff liked him because of this, which makes me wonder how the guy even passed medical school to become a doctor in the first place, so he didn't even try to be liked or fit in. But the hospital needed him and he was right, so none of that mattered. That explanation is way too complicated and involved for me. That's a lot of work and school just to turn into the American version of an untouchable Japanese janitor/doctor.

At PPTH, Kyle continues to die. His heart rate speeds up, and Chase says it's either an allergic reaction to the diazepam or Kyle's heart is "done."

House asks Dan how the house fire started. Dan says it was Christmas Eve and his wife had taken a sleeping pill and gone to bed, apparently anticipating the loud hoof beats of Santa's reindeer on her roof possibly interrupting her slumber. Kyle was popping popcorn in the fireplace and cruelly trying to burn Santa's ass. Somehow, Kyle knocked some tinder over and it touched the wrapping paper and that was it. Wilson thinks Dan blames his son for the fire and that's why he doesn't want to see him. Dan denies this, saying that Kyle was twelve and it was an accident. That, and someone made a bad decision to wrap the presents with kerosene-soaked paper. Dan says it doesn't matter if he sees his son or not; he couldn't save his wife and now there's nothing he can do to save his son. "Thank you SO MUCH for waking me up!" he shouts.

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