Son Of Coma Guy

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Suspended Disbelief

Kyle has managed to recover from the brink of death. He asks House if his dad had a message for him. "He said you were right. You did the right thing," House lies. Of course, Kyle has no idea what this means. House leaves him to try to find a meaning in it. Here's one: "You were right; the popcorn tray was too heavy."

House wanders over to his personal ATM, who's trying to take money out of a real ATM. Wilson tells House that Shitter was talking to the Cottages while they were in Atlantic City. House says he knew that, and since they all told him it means no one said anything he needs to worry about. House would rather talk about Wilson's determination to get Dan that hoagie he wanted, even though he thought the hoagie was just Dan's outlet for his real feelings about his son. House accuses Wilson of having an addiction to being needed that's worse than House's to Vicodin. Wilson tells House he's the last person who should complain about his enabling tendencies and calls his bank to ask why his ATM card isn't working. He is not pleased with their answer. "My accounts have been frozen as part of a police investigation," Wilson informs us. Dude, seriously? I mean, don't you have to be, like, at least a suspect for them to be able to do that? Wilson's just a friend of a suspect! And his accounts have nothing to do with whether or not he prescribed that Vicodin! This is extortion and there's just no way the police would be allowed to do it. It's a real shame that this episode had to be somewhat ruined by ridiculous impossibilities like that. I'll suspend my disbelief for them when they lead to a scene with House and Wilson sitting outside Dan's hotel room while he kills himself, but not for this. Wilson tells House that House will be paying for dinner tonight. House wonders if he can get away with serving him Top Ramen and tap water.

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