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Suspended Disbelief

Before House can put the syringe in the IV, Cuddy and her amazing psychic House-is-up-to- no-good sense walks in and orders him to put it down and stop experimenting on helpless patients. Even if House did accomplish the impossible, VSG would only be awake for a day at the most. That would be torture for both the patient and his family, Cuddy says. So I guess that's why they don't go around shooting people up with Levodopa. Still, if I was in a vegetative state, I'd rather have one day awake than none at all. House says that there's nothing to worry about: the only family VSG has who can sue PPTH is lying upstairs in his own coma. Cuddy runs over to take the syringe away from House, but it's too late: he injects it into the IV. And...nothing happens. Cuddy starts ordering a twenty-four hour watch on the patient and tells House she wants him in her office immediately. She's interrupted by VSG, who says he's starving. Eyes bug out all over the room. Even House looks a little surprised that this actually worked. VSG sits up and says he'd love a steak. So not only are we to believe that Levodopa can temporarily revive patients who have been in a vegetative state for ten years, but those patients are totally normal and appear to have simply slept for one night rather than thirty-six hundred of them. How is he able to talk so well and so soon? The fact is, we're going to have to suspend a lot of disbelief in this episode, but since it's a pretty good one, it's worth it.

Back from commercial, Cuddy is flashing a light in VSG's eyes. VSG, by the way, is played by John Larroquette, a.k.a. Dan Fielding from Night Court. This is the second Night Court cast member to appear on this show, which gives me great hope for a cameo from Marsha Warfield. At the very least, Harry Anderson could show up and get a differential diagnosis for that medically impossible head of hair he suddenly sprouted in the seventh season. Every time I think Hugh Laurie's hairpiece is silly, I think of Harry Anderson's hair. Not showing up is Selma Diamond, because she died during the show's second season. Cuddy asks Dan Fielding some questions to assess his brain functions, and he passes them with flying colors. House is thrilled with himself, pronouncing this "the coolest thing ever." Then he starts asking Dan for a family medical history. Dan would rather know what year it is; he has a feeling he hasn't been conscious in a long time. House is impressed with Dan's running internal clock during his vegetative state and asks if Dan picked up any conversations people around him have had, like about doctors stealing prescription pads and forging signatures or gossip about how Cuddy dresses "like a trollop." Cuddy just gives House a slightly amused expression, which, if it were me, would have been accompanied by a punch in the crotch. Dan says he picked up the fact that his wife is dead, which certainly brings the room down. He says the last thing he remembers is saving Kyle from the house fire and then going back in for his wife, who had taken a sleeping pill and was out cold. He didn't make it and now it's ten years later. "I'm sorry," Cuddy says, all sympathetic. House just wants to know about Dan's dead wife's medical history. Cuddy explains that Kyle is a patient at PPTH in very serious condition. Dan asks for a steak. I'm sure his stomach will have absolutely no problem digesting for the first time in ten years.

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