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Suspended Disbelief

Wilson finds House in a hallway and says the hospital cafeteria is abuzz with the news that "caustic guy" awoke "coma guy." House says that it's actually "vegetative state guy" although he will agree with the "caustic guy" label. He tells Wilson that he has to get Dan a steak before he'll help him with Kyle, which Wilson chalks up to brain damage and House chalks up to a father not loving his son. House doesn't believe in unconditional love, of course, but Wilson puts it in terms House can understand and will have an important double meaning House might want to start picking up on: it's an evolutionary incentive for people to sacrifice their lives for their children and their friends who are totally going to get in trouble with the police. "Everything is conditional," House says. Wilson, he's telling you to get lost and stop being such a doormat. Pay attention. If you're going to let this guy get away with murder, fine. But don't turn around and complain about it.

Cameron walks into Shitter's police badge, which he apparently walks around holding high up in the air for all to acknowledge and bow to his power. They have a secret meeting where Shitter asks Cameron how many pills her boss takes and Cameron wisely tries to get out of answering. Then she remembers that not doing what Shitter wants will mark her for a traffic stop and a trumped-up charge and tells him six. She says that House has never asked her to prescribe Vicodin to him and that his charges against House are ridiculous. Shitter says he's surprised at Cameron's loyalty to House, who isn't a very loyal friend to anyone else, judging by what he did to Wilson. Cameron is confused, and Shitter says it's strange that she didn't know about that. Not really; I tend not to be kept informed about ridiculous police investigations into my boss's personal life. Cameron's beeper goes off.

Cameron runs into Kyle's room to find Chase and Foreman sitting there not in the middle of the medical emergency she was paged to. They say they just paged her to get her away from Shitter and ask her what he wanted. She says that he's going to be talking to all of them about how many pills House takes a day. She told him six and thinks it wise of them to stay consistent. Chase is freaking out at the thought of talking to an authority figure, and thinks they should tell House what's going on. But Cameron says Shitter told her not to. If they don't tell House, House will make their lives miserable. If they do, Shitter will make their lives miserable. This storyline continues to progress solely on the fuel of ridiculous contrivances. House pokes his head in the room and asks for an update on Kyle's condition. He's hanging on, but getting worse.

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