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Suspended Disbelief

Dan Fielding went and got himself a haircut. "Your barber sucks," he complains. PPTH has its own barber? If so, whoever he is certainly does suck. I hate Chase's hair. Dan's ain't so great either. It's better than that pompadour he was sporting in the last two seasons of Night Court, though. Man, no one had good hair on that show. Remember Markie Post's blonde mullet? Marsha Warfield 's stylin' fade was pretty sweet, though. Dan also notes that the coma has had a slimming effect on him, although, really, it's nothing to brag about. I still see a pot belly there. Cuddy gave Dan the clothes he was admitted in, which are remarkably free of soot. Dan guesses that he'll have to buy a new wardrobe since he's thinner and all his old clothes burned up and are ten years out of fashion besides. House says that in the future, we wear "recyclable clothes" that you wear once and then eat. Hee hee hee. It would have been awesome if House had rented a jetpack to fly around in to make the future look even cooler. Although that would probably be inappropriate.

House drills Dan about his son's medical history again, and Dan calls House a "piece of work" for not telling him that his awakening is only temporary, which Cuddy spilled the beans about earlier. Dan has a day to live and he's not going to spend it in a hospital saving his son's life. House asks him where he's planning on going: his wife is dead, his home is burned to the ground, and his business was sold off. All he has left is the one person he refuses to see. Dan says he's going to a restaurant that serves the best hoagies in the world and then Atlantic City. House points out that Dan doesn't have money or a car to do these things.

Wilson takes some money out of the hospital ATM. House limps up and takes some money out of his own personal ATM: Wilson, who hands over some cash and his car keys.

House and Dan leave the hospital and walk up to Wilson's car. Wilson hands House the keys and asks him not to eat in his car, even though he knows that House won't listen to him and will now probably be sure to eat in his car. Dan wants to drive. Wilson tries to protest, but House just tosses the keys to Dan. He tells Wilson that Dan is so drugged up that he's got better reflexes than Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I hope they're better than Dale Earnhardt, Sr.'s. Dan holds up Wilson's iPod (no doubt packed with showtunes) and asks what an "ip-pod" is. I love it when people are confused about the future. It's my favorite part of time travel movies. Wilson says that he's coming with them and takes a seat in the back. Ha ha! He doesn't even get shotgun in his own car. There's no one else in the back seat and I'll bet Wilson is still sitting bitch.

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