Son Of Coma Guy

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Suspended Disbelief

Meanwhile, Kyle's getting worse. His heart is failing.

Stock shot of Atlantic City. The guys are in a ridiculously over-decorated hotel room. Wilson is calling room service to try to get Dan a hoagie. House is trying to ask Dan questions again and also pointing out to Wilson that he's running dangerously low on Vicodin. Dan is spending his only day of consciousness sitting around a nasty hotel room. House asks Dan how aware of the outside world he was in his vegetative state. Dan says he knew that time had passed and he recognized House's voice. Wilson interrupts this possibly medically significant discussion of vegetative state awareness to ask House a real question: why did he steal Wilson's pad? He could have taken one of the Cottages' pads. Wilson thinks House took his because they're friends, and House was trying to test their relationship and see how far he could push it until it broke. I don't think House really wanted Wilson to find out about this or expected the truth to come out in this way. Dan wonders if he's really going to spend his last day of awareness listening to them squabble about a legal matter he has nothing to do with.

House's cell rings. "House's House of Whining. State your complaint!" he answers. Foreman tells him that the mercury poisoning diagnosis was wrong and Kyle's heart is failing. House hangs up and tells Dan that it's time to talk about all of Kyle's relatives and how they died. They don't have time to trade questions, so House says Dan can just ask a really big one at the end. "Destroy my privacy; my dignity," he says, looking at Wilson. Oh, quit being such a drama queen, House. If you don't like the question Dan asks you, just lie or insist on Wilson leaving the room before answering. I'm pretty sure your secret will be safe with Dan.

After the commercials, Wilson is back on the phone with room service after the chef's attempt at a hoagie came out very wrong. Dan reports that his sister-in-law died in what he assumed was an alcohol-related traffic accident. His father died of old age. His wife's father died when hit by a car while walking "the incompetent dog." Wow, Dan hates his in-laws so much that he even hates their pets. Wilson finally gets on the phone with a place that will make the hoagie Dan wants and deliver it to their room when Wilson promises a hundred dollar tip. Dan cheers that the night is "finally going [his] way." Then he tries to catch a can of soda Wilson tosses to him and fails miserably. His reflexes aren't so great anymore. Looks like he won't be driving them home. Also, no one should try to open that soda for the next twenty minutes.

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