Sports Medicine

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Water Sports

Sharon and Foreman have their Friday night dinner. Sharon asks Foreman about House, and his ethical dilemma about using work-sponsored dinners for dates evaporates right quick. He doesn't want to talk about work anymore.

Chase does some physical therapy on Hank's arm. Hank and Lola smile.

House and Cameron emerge from behind the Gravedigger with cotton candy and smiles on their faces. Cameron had a great time that she'd love to go ahead and ruin by asking House if he was ever married. House says lived with someone for a while. That someone is either Wilson or the woman Wilson's having dinner with right now. Or both. House steals Cameron's cotton candy. She steals it right back, giggles, and challenges House to a race to the car. Love is in the air. Cadmium is in the ground. Watch your testicles, boys!

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