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That Isn't The Question

House shoves his way through the phalanx of media around Sebastian's bed and shoves a nearby camera light in Sebastian's face. Back in the coma room, Foreman grabs Wilson's bag of potato chips and sits down to watch the fun unfold. Back in Sebastian's room, Sebastian becomes disoriented. House orders a crash cart, since Sebastian is going into cardiac arrest. Cuddy orders the press to leave. Sebastian flatlines. Cameron and Cuddy get to work with the defibrillators, being sure to look as photogenic as possible as they do so because cameras are still in the room and everyone likes to look good on TV. They bring Sebastian back, and House turns to the nearest camera and yells that Sebastian doesn't have TB. Foreman and Wilson agree that this is compelling television.

The resuscitated Sebastian tells House to run whatever tests he wants. House says he will, but first he needs Sebastian to take his TB medicine. Sebastian still has TB, but he also has something else that made him go into cardiac arrest, and they can't figure out what it is until they get rid of Sebastian's TB symptoms and see what's left. Sebastian still won't take the TB pills. House is pissed. Sebastian asks House why he has such a problem with the work Sebastian does: "Do you just have a problem with hope?" House rolls his eyes, but says nothing, since his mind was filled with so many awesome sarcastic responses that he couldn't pick just one. Sebastian says that the difference between himself and House is that Sebastian knows he can't save everyone, and House couldn't handle that. Right, because Sebastian handles it so well, what with the preaching and the martyring and all. House tells Sebastian that he has two choices here: either he takes the TB pills, or he dies and House calls his own press conference and tells everyone that Sebastian didn't die of TB, which would hurt Sebastian's cause a lot more than his death would have helped it. Sebastian takes the pills.

One by one, Sebastian's TB symptoms are crossed off the whiteboard. In the end, they're left with the heart problems, headaches, and the low cerebral spinal fluid sugar they assumed was part of the TB. House says this is good, because it's weird and therefore much easier to isolate the cause of. Chase suggests Sebastian has very high insulin levels in his blood. Cameron says that there's absolutely no way that could happen, since they've ruled out all causes of that, including a tumor. House says that they're looking for a tumor, then.

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