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That Isn't The Question

House leaves the office, Cottages in tow. Cameron angrily asks why House always craps on everything she says. House says he isn't, exactly; they're looking for a small tumor that Cameron's tests wouldn't have detected -- a tumor in the insulin-secreting cells in Sebastian's pancreas, to be exact. Cameron asks whether House means to "hack away" at Sebastian's pancreas until he finds the tumor he's pretty sure will be there somewhere. House says he's going to prove that the tumor exists by looking for its effects. Foreman panics as he sees Cuddy and Cecilia heading straight for them. They run away, and House tells Foreman that if Cecilia actually does have breast cancer, Foreman won't have to apologize to her. House is such an optimist.

House and the Cottages are suited up in blue vest things. Chase, the designated artery-tube-angiogram guy, shoves a tube into Sebastian's splenic artery as House explains that they're going to inject Sebastian's pancreas with calcium. His beta cells will react by releasing insulin. If he has a tumor, he'll have too many beta cells releasing insulin, and his blood sugar will drop to dangerous levels. House says he's keeping his fingers and his toes crossed that Sebastian won't die from this. Chase injects the calcium. Nothing happens. House tells Chase to inject more. In the Magic Schoolbus Cam, yellow cells that I'm assuming are supposed to be insulin rush out to greet the calcium, and Sebastian's blood sugar drops. Foreman jumps to treat him, but House tells him to hold on, because Sebastian's blood sugar isn't dropping fast enough for a definite diagnosis. And also because House wants to kill Sebastian a little bit. Sebastian seizes and the monitors go off. Finally, House tells them to give him the glucose. Sebastian comes out of his seizure. "Congratulations! You have a tumor," House tells him.

House and Cameron de-elevator. House asks Cameron if she's going to date Sebastian. She tells him to mind his own business, and then says she probably won't. House asks what's changed between the few days ago when Cameron was holding Sebastian's hand, and now. Cameron just says that the guy pretty much lives in Africa, and that there's not much of a future for her and someone like that. House thinks there's too much of a future, since Sebastian is no longer dying, and Cameron is attracted to dying guys. Cameron says she doesn't put labels on people like that. House says that everyone does, and everyone is perceived differently, and if I have to learn that lesson one more time in this episode I'm going to scream. House tells Cameron that he'll prove his point right now, as he notices Cecilia in the Clinic. He says that people who know him know he's an asshole and treat him as such. People who don't know him only see a cripple, and treat him accordingly. And he's going to take advantage of that.

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