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The Straw That Broke The Cameron's Back

Taub walks into House's office and finds him watching more of Hank's greatest hits. Gosh, I can't imagine why House had such trouble convincing people to work for him. Taub's face tells House to turn the TV off before Taub will speak, so he does. Taub admits that he wants to be back on the team, even though his wife was beyond pissed that he made the decision to go back to working long hours and making no money. That woman has suffered enough, I think. Divorce! House is almost nice as he says that Taub coming back to PPTH actually does prove that he loves his wife because he gets the rush from working for House that he used to get from cheating on her. "Better to cheat with a beaker and an MRI," House says. Um, maybe not. Is it an MRI (of DOOOM!!)? Because that is not a fun time for anyone. "I'll let you know," House says. Taub turns around, and we se that Hadley is at House's door, presumably for the same reason. Sorry, Community Health Clinic! You got Hadley'd!

And what about Cameron? Well, Chase finally tells her that he wants to work for House after all. She's not happy about this, but Chase tells her that she should come back on the team with him since she was always more into the diagnostics thing than he was. Or she could stay off the team and then Chase will somehow know that House was right. Or something. I don't know.

Cameron marches into House's office. "Four for four," he comments to himself, quite smug. Oh, but wait -- Cameron isn't here to beg her way onto his team. She's here to make embarrassing personal confessions about how she was once in love with House and thought she could heal him, but now she knows that that's impossible and he's not worth the effort anyway, since he almost let Hank die just to twist his Cottages' arms into coming back. He knew the extraintestinal Crohn's diagnosis all along (or at least he knew it before ordering that they kill off all of Hank's marrow) but let Hank suffer and almost die just to prove a point. Cameron calls that "playing God" and says that House instilled that idea in Chase, and that's why he thought he had the right to kill Dibala. Um, and also why Cameron thought she had the right to kill Joel Grey, right? House shrugs that he'd rather save lives than concentrate on his patients' humanity. "Lives can't come second," Cameron says. House says they don't -- "the patient is alive. That's what matters," he says. "Not to you," Cameron replies. Hank's survival and diagnosis was secondary to House getting Taub and Hadley to play his games and come back on his team, where he's sure to "poison" them like he did Chase. Way to give House way too much credit, there, Cameron. Although it's not like any of this is really in line with your character or her history, anyway. It's just a clumsy way to write her off the show because they fired Jennifer Morrison for some reason. "You ruined [Chase]," Cameron says; "so he can't even see right from wrong." Um, okay, but... Chase worked for House for years BEFORE Cameron began a romantic relationship with him, so it's not like he changed. "I loved you and I loved Chase. I'm sorry for you both," she says, sort of starting to cry; "for what you've become, because there's no way back for either of you." Yes, it must be tough to not be perfect people in Cameron's mind. Or to live long enough that your marriage hits its first rough patch and she has no concept of how to get through it because the way she dealt with this stuff during her first marriage was to just wait for her husband to die. She sniffles and offers a hand for House to shake. He doesn't accept it. So she kisses him on the cheek. She is sending mixed signals. House seems like he might be disturbed by the things she's saying but doesn't respond. Cameron walks out of his office in dramatic slow motion. House grabs his cane and follows her, but he has that limp that slows him down and she has the speed of her righteous indignation that carries her far, far away.

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