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The Straw That Broke The Cameron's Back

House heads for Wilson's office to brag about how he got his sanity, medical license, and Cottages back. "You're kidding! All of them?" Wilson asks. "Three out of four," House is forced to admit. Wilson seems even more surprised that Cameron was the only holdout. "You were right, House. Good for you," Wilson sighs. "Yeah. It is," House says. No one seems overjoyed at the way things turned out, though. On his way out the door, he tells Wilson that Cameron is ending her marriage and leaving PPTH. Wilson looks confused, possibly wondering why they bothered to have Cameron and Chase get married in the first place if they were just going to break up like four months later or if this was really the best way to get Cameron off the show and Chase back on House's team. Or if they really should have had Chase leave House's team in the first place back at the end of Season 3 if it wasn't going to be permanent because for him to go from being a surgeon back to a lowly fellow makes no sense.

Music montage! Hadley gives Hank a glass of worms to drink while staring at Foreman across the room. Taub's wife is not thrilled with his decision to go back to PPTH. And Cameron moves out. She hugs Chase on her way out the door, but he doesn't really hug her back.

And Lucas and Cuddy leave PPTH arm-in-arm while House watches them from the second floor balcony. Really, though? An original cast member up and leaves the show after six years and she doesn't even get to be the last shot of the episode? Who did Jennifer Morrison piss off to for it to end like this?

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