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The Straw That Broke The Cameron's Back

Seriously, Hadley? A scrapbook of your trip to Thailand? And who is it for, exactly? Yourself? Do you really think you'll forget any of the crucial details in the ten years of life you have left? Come on, now. Also, she's working on it in a diner, which I'm sure her waitress appreciates. Way to take up a table, not order any food, and spread your craft supplies all over the place. Foreman sneaks up behind her, takes one look at her project, and says, "Looks like quite a trip." Hadley tells Foreman that if he's here on House's behalf, there's no use. She doesn't want to go back. Foreman says she's a "great doctor." She asks him if he's just saying that because he still has feelings for her and wants her to come back. Way to toot your own horn and doubt your medical skills at the same time there, Hadley! Foreman says his feelings for Hadley are irrelevant, as he has now learned that work life and personal life must remain separate. "I can't work with you," Hadley says. Foreman thinks she can, since he was the one who had the problem and fired her before, and he doesn't have that problem now. But I thought Hadley's point was that he had that problem in the first place, and he selfishly punished her for it. So it doesn't really matter how he feels now.

Sinus-draining surgery is gross. House decides to liven it up by teasing Chase while he tries to work, saying that he thought Chase's admission to Cameron would ruin everything, but instead it seems to have made things better. Chase says Cameron loves him. House says her forgiveness is "completely inconsistent with her character" over the past six years, which in and of itself was completely inconsistent, so it actually makes total sense. While Hank's sinuses drain out of his nose in a most disgusting fashion, House threatens to find out what's going on with Cameron.

But first, Wilson wants to find out what's going on with House, and seeks out Cuddy to ask her for suggestions as to why House is "stalking" his old fellows. Cuddy doesn't really care, so Wilson blames her for House's actions and asks why she's dating Lucas. Yes, why date Lucas, who is sweet and makes you and your baby laugh when you could have a crazy asshole like House who makes everyone cry? Cuddy says she's sorry that she won't date Wilson's friend, but it's her life to live and that what's she doing. And she's sick of having to change or give things up because of how House might feel about it. Good for her, I say.

Oh, except that back in the privacy of her own home with Lucas, she isn't quite that strong. She says she feels horrible. Lucas would rather that House isn't dragged into their relationship. Cuddy says House will insert himself into it no matter what. Lucas uses his detective skills to figure out that Cuddy never anticipated House finding out about Lucas, which means she never anticipated their relationship lasting this long. Cuddy says he's right about that. But Lucas isn't too hurt, since he points out that while Cuddy acted all cool around Wilson, she felt comfortable enough around Lucas to freak out about House. I'm not sure that means what he thinks it means.

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