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The Straw That Broke The Cameron's Back

Chase and Cameron work in Hank's darkened room for two seconds before inserting their personal lives into their work lives. Chase asks Cameron why she forgave him so easily, pointing out that she's been harder on Hank than him. Cameron says Hank isn't sorry for his actions, while Chase feels shame and guilt. They hold hands awkwardly until Hank wakes up, complaining about his stomach. Cameron touches it and announces that his liver is failing.

After the break, Chase exposits that Hank's abdomen is filling with fluid along with his failing liver, ruling out meningococcemia. Good thing he got those sinuses drained, then! They go over Hank's history again, with Foreman telling us that Hank's childhood medical history is "spotless," thanks to his parents running him to the doctor if he had even the tiniest of coughs. Cameron suggests a tumor, but Foreman turns that down, since there's no jaundice. How is Hank's liver failing but there's no jaundice? Chase and Cameron put their heads together and come up with a diagnosis that House yells at them for because it's giving them the lead over Hadley and Taub for the job that none of them actually wants. Then he sends Cameron and Foreman off to test their theory, leaving Chase behind for a marriage-ruining chat. I really don't understand why House is so determined to ruin their marriage. I saw the entire episode and I still don't know. Didn't he go to therapy to stop being an asshole? House says that Cameron didn't forgive Chase because he feels guilty -- she doesn't think he has anything to feel guilty about because she's blaming what Chase did on House. "I created the big bad evil climate that allowed it to happen," he says. Chase doesn't accept this explanation, although I don't see why not. I wouldn't want my spouse to blame me for murder. Much better to have her blame our common enemy. Chase asks House why he's trying to destroy his marriage. House says it's already destroyed, and if Chase wants to prove to Cameron that he isn't House's "personal sock puppet" then he'll stay on as a Cottage. Um, wouldn't leaving House and PPTH in the dust show that even better, though?

It looks like Hadley turned her fifty-foot-high ceiling-ed loft into a gym, which is where House finds himself next, limping along on a treadmill until Hadley sidles up next to him to ask him why he's there. Why do you think, Hadley? And don't pretend you don't love it. You could have just seen House across the room and left before he saw you, you know. Instead you're making conversation with him. House slides off the treadmill, ably landing on both of his legs even though one of them isn't supposed to work right and he's supposed to be off the pain pills for it. Amazing! House notes that Hadley is doing core-strengthening exercises, which he takes to mean that she's doing everything possible to keep herself Huntington's symptom-free for as long as possible, which means she understands the importance of living her life now and doing something important that will outlive her. Like, say, join his team! They do very significant things indeed. Like save porn stars at the expense of three-month-old babies. You can't do something that worthwhile at some Community Health Clinic! Hadley asks House why he can't just ask everyone to come back, then answers her own question that House is afraid of rejection. Or he's just really annoying.

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