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A birthday party! Kids riding bikes and swinging on swings! A man slides down a slide with whom I can only assume is his daughter. She wants to go on the merry-go-round without him, which he doesn't like the idea of. She insists that she's six, so it's fine. They stop by the pinwheel stand and he makes her promise not to tell mommy. On she goes! She holds on tight and gets belted in. He gets out a camera, which I think will give away the fact that he's not on the ride with her. She starts to look weird. I think she's trying to convey queasiness. And there's blood coming out of her nose. The next time her horse comes around, she's not on it. Daddy freaks out, shouts for the ride to be shut off and runs on. She's lying down unconscious on the inner ring. "Help me!" he shouts. Her name is Emily.

Wilson looks at his own brainscan. House has snuck into wherever he is and explains that he followed him. He exposits that Wilson has frequently not let him be alone, so now he's turning the tables. But he promises not to say a word. So he breaks out a drink with a teeny umbrella on the grounds that he's on vacation. House is on spring break! Whoo!

Taub thinks it's bad that House is taking time off. Foreman brings a case into the team. Emily is a six-year-old with a nosebleed. And she has a rare genetic disorder called "AT." This is explained by Elizabeth Lawson, who is an expert on the condition and also, coincidentally, Emily's mother. She examined Emily's lungs two days ago and is very quick to shoot down diagnoses before they're fully out of people's mouths. She claims that she was told this team was very good. Park: "We are. Have you considered Wegener's granulomatosis?" She has not, but it's a good fit. But the genetic anomaly means Emily can't have X-rays. Dr. Lawson leaves and everyone glares at Foreman. He says they have to use her.

A doctor tells Wilson he wants to shrink the tumor with radiation and chemo. Wilson knows all this and doesn't like his odds. He wants the radiation and chemo concurrently. He rejects the treatment plan and goes off to find a doctor who agrees with him. House is also there and he does nothing to get Wilson to agree.

The Lawsons are arguing about whether it was irresponsible to allow Emily to ride the merry-go-round on her own. Mr. Lawson's name is Simon. He had her all week. Dr. Lawson wakes Emily up and tells her she's going to be taken for an MRI. Adams claims that it stands for "Magic Really-Cool Images," but Emily is just confused by that, since she'd been told it stood for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. She's got a super-rare genetic condition -- of course she's familiar with the MRI.

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