The Confession

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The Case of the Missing Skin

Taub thinks Bob's being an idiot. Park thinks it's a good idea to set things straight before you die. I liked them better when they didn't care about it. It was a nice contrast to Adams's obsession with infidelity. Mrs. Bob comes out and tells the kids to get their stuff. But she's going to come back. She says Bob made a mistake, but they'll get through it.

Taub and Wilson in the cafe. Taub wonders why House is so bugged by his kids. Wilson doesn't answer, so Taub answers his own question with some talk about House sensing insecurity. Wilson tells him House started a betting pool on which kid is actually Taub's. Taub takes this personally and leaves. Wilson bags Taub's fork, but Taub catches him. Wilson claims not to be the bad guy on the grounds that he bet on the kids being Taub's. Taub leaves again, having foiled another attempt to steal his DNA. It can't be that hard.

Bob is in surgery! It's not a clot. The lymph nodes are inflamed. Time for a biopsy. This seems like a situation where there's gonna be some beeping. And there it is! "His sclera's jaundiced. I think it's his liver."

Adams says it's not Lemierre's Syndrome after all. Park suggests alcoholic withdrawal. House says that doesn't cover the lymph nodes. He wants to hit him with broad-spectrum antibiotics. Adams says that'll destroy what's left of his liver, so Chase proposes a liver transplant, then the antibiotics. House says that the old team is ahead of the new team. This whole time he's been doing something weird with the electronics in the wall. I don't think he's actually stealing cable, though. Why would he steal it? He works there!

Mrs. Bob is sad that Bob could die while waiting for a new liver. But a partial liver transplant is possible, which could be done with a living donor. Mrs. Bob volunteers. But she might not be a match. They'll need to cast a wide net! Bob is beloved, so there are hundreds of possible volunteers. And Bob wants to confess his misdeeds to every one of them first. I guess Small Town, USA is pretty close.

The lobby is full of people. They applaud Bob as he's wheeled out. He announces that he cheated on Denise. She immediately and publicly forgives him. But there's more! Bob tells Larry that he didn't need that new transmission. And Joe didn't need that engine rebuild. "In fact, I cheated most of you here tonight." He's been ripping them all off for years. He also took $10,000 from a scholarship fund and lost it gambling. Some people leave, which means they'll miss any other revelations. Bob says, "I'm sorry. I'm not the man you thought I was." Park: "That didn't go well." Good one, Park. You're a real diagnostic machine today.

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