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The Case of the Missing Skin

Chase reports that there were only two potential donors left, and they were both negative. The four of them are eating Chinese food while House drinks a martini from his new in-office bar and talks about Adams's breasts. He tells Adams that every man she's ever met has thought about having sex with her. This is to shock her into believing that everybody lies. Anyway, it's time to get "reckless and extreme": they're going to cut out the damaged part of the liver and move forward. Whee!

Taub has his kids at home. They both shriek. He apologizes for what he's about to do, saying that nothing will ever change how he feels about them. He puts them on their backs on the bed and says that he needs to know. He carefully swabs their little baby mouths.

Foreman comes in on Chase and Adams, who are monitoring Bob in the Scanner Tube. He's angry that they're going to do surgery that might kill Bob. Because if Bob dies waiting for a transplant, that's natural causes, but accidentally killing him in surgery is a different deal. But Adams has a CT scan she's suddenly fascinated by. Bob's liver has healed itself a lot over the last ten hours!

The team watches Bob and Mrs. Bob having a scene. She seems mad. House speculates that the liver has been in shock from an allergic reaction: "This all started when he cheated on his wife." Maybe something on the other woman?

Miss Cedarville, no longer wearing the ceremonial sash, asks, "You think I did this to him?" She admits to giving him a condom from the health fair. As Miss Cedarville, the health fair is one of her responsibilities. Adams is all snitty about him cheating. Miss Cedarville seems to regret it, especially how everyone's talking about it. And if they find out it was her, she'll lose her title. Then she won't even have a name! Which I wouldn't mind, because "Miss Cedarville" takes a long time to type. I much prefer a short name like "Bob," which is why I'm referring to the patient by his first name. Saves valuable keystrokes!

Bob tells Park and Adams that he didn't think Denise would leave him. He just wanted to clear things up before he died. Park asks what his plan was if he didn't die. He has no answer.

Time for another round of guesses! Wheat-based allergies? Nope. Corticosteroids? Not hooked up yet. Latex allergy? Nope. "None of his samples test positive for anything." Then, says Taub, he's not allergic to any of their stuff. Park and Chase leave, and Taub puts some DNA scans up on the lightbox. Foreman enters to whine about Chase calling him a sellout for becoming Dean of Medicine. Taub thinks being a doctor is more important than being an administrator. Foreman says that Taub's looking at monkey DNA, probably because House stole the results once he tricked Taub into bringing them into the hospital. House probably never even tested the babies, because he knew he could manipulate Taub into doing it for him.

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