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Oh, Brother
lse's sadness. Foreman grabs Taub to do an MRI (OF DOOOM!!) on Nina's brain to make sure the hoarding isn't a symptom after all, which means Chase gets to go to the house with Martha again. That's kind of lame of Foreman not to punish Taub by sending him to the house. Chase didn't have sex on his couch. Probably.

House and Hadley prepare to fire their spud gun. The fair-like environment of the competition reminds Hadley of the county fairs her father used to take "us" to. House asks Hadley who the "us" she's referring to is. Hadley says she meant her and her mother, but that doesn't really make sense what with Hadley's mother being stricken with Huntington's for almost all of Hadley's childhood and thus not really able to attend or enjoy county fairs. House figures out that Hadley must be talking about a sibling she never mentioned before and that no one else knew about. Even though she was in a serious relationship with Foreman and PPTH has, like, every personal detail in its employees' files. Oh, and we've seen flashbacks of Hadley's childhood and a sibling was never in them. But now that the writers had to come up with a reason for her to leave the show for almost an entire season so their precious star could shoot some movies, Hadley has a brother. And the fact that she accidentally mentioned him now after years of pretending he didn't exist (because he didn't) leads House to realize that the man she killed was her brother, who also has Huntington's. Wow, that's quite the unlucky family Hadley has there. Three out of four of them have Huntington's! Then again, it's entirely likely that she has like five other siblings she never mentioned before who don't have Huntington's. House guesses the guy she kneed in the balls was her brother's doctor, who wouldn't help her cover up the assisted suicide. Hadley admits that House is right about everything but the doctor. The guy she attacked had nothing to do with her or her brother; it was her cellmate's boyfriend who cheated on her while she was in jail.

In the MRI (OF DOOOM!!) booth, we have to hear more about Taub's sex life and his wife, who will apparently never, ever leave this show. She's not even in the opening credits and she's gotten twice as much screen time as Chase. Taub asks Foreman if he's mad at him and points out that he was actually being nice by having sex with Mrs. Taub on the couch because she wanted to do it on Foreman's bed with his memory foam top mattress. How would she even know what kind of mattress Foreman had unless they'd had sex on it before? Foreman tells Taub not to have sex on anything he owns. Taub says Foreman might want to buy a new kitchen table, then. I think Foreman should get a new roommate. Taub is awful, not to mention ungrateful. Foreman accuses Taub of doing his wife a disservice by sleeping with her so she can't move on with her life, then says the MRI of Nina's brain is fine. Meanwhile, Nina is no doubt trying to figure out a way to add the MRI (OF DOOOM!!) to her collection.

Chase and Martha check out the house again. Chase says Martha likes this place so much because it gives her human interaction without having to actually interact with a human. While he tries to test the air for hydrogen sulfides, Martha checks out Nina's yearbook. She's surprised to see that Nina used to be a popular outgoing cheerleader. Chase doesn't care. The test for hydrogen sulfides is negative, and he's leaving now.

House finds Hadley crying in a picturesque glen. She decides to fill him in on her crime, saying that her brother's disease progressed to the point where he couldn't control his own body enough to kill himself and only had enough of his mind left for a few brief moments of lucidity. During one of them, he told her to kill him. So she did. She injected him with something and after he died, she realized that she was "alone." Um, what about her dad? Isn't he still around? How is he dealing with all of this, by the way? I guess he already told Hadley not to even think about asking him to kill her when the time comes, since she says that now that her brother is gone, when she's as sick as he was there will be no one there to do her a solid and kill her. Is Hadley actually upset about her brother being dead? Because it kind of seems to me like she's just bummed for her own selfish reasons and not because, like, the brother I'm assuming she had a close bond with is dead or that she killed her own brother. Anyway, now that her speech is over, she turns back to House, who just stands there with no idea what to do about these human feelings that are happening near him. Hadley's kind of annoyed at House's lack of emotional response to her problems, so she says she understands why Cuddy dumped him. House just walks away.

He approaches his spud gun and aims at a target. Before he can fire, though, Harold shows up and assumes that House just got dumped by Hadley, and asks if he can ask her out. He figures if she was willing to date House, she'll date anyone. I think Harold has Hadley confused with Mrs. Taub. Mrs. Taub, clearly, will date anyone. Ruby, too. House turns and aims the spud gun at Harold. "You wouldn't," Harold says.

He would, as the next time we see House, he's leaving the New York State Police station. Hadley waits for him by the car, although she brings him a soda instead of a martini. Lame. House drinks it anyway, and tells Hadley that he managed to get off with just a warning. Um, what? He's lucky he didn't kill Harold. My Wikipedia research says some spud guns can break the sound barrier. House says he was helped by the fact that the sheriff hates Harold for feeling up his daughter at the potato-mash mixer. Why would the sheriff's daughter go to that? Why would anyone? "You always get your way, don't you?" Hadley asks the guy who has to use a cane to walk. "Not always," House says; "today would've been our one-year anniversary." I guess Cuddy's off celebrating it with Wilson.

Martha walks into Nina's room after a day of exploring her home, looking for the oldest part of her hoard. At the bottom of the bedroom closet, she found baby clothes. She asks Nina what they're about.

House and Hadley are on their way back home. They get a call from the Cottages reporting that Nina has a new symptom -- infertility. Martha says Nina's hoarding began as a way to fill the void because she couldn't have kids. House says this could all be nothing, since the infertility may well be Brian's fault. Hadley has another idea, and can't help but open her mouth to say it, thus revealing her presence in House's car to all. House claims it was just the radio, but the guys recognize Hadley's voice. House says it was a "Thirteen Tribute Band," which cracked me up for some reason. Hadley decides there's no use pretending she isn't there, and starts to explain her theory before Taub interrupts to ask her where she was for the past year. House says they can talk about it when Hadley reports to work on Monday. "Monday? This Monday?" Martha squeaks, although I can't tell if she's happy to have more company at work or upset because Hadley's arrival means Martha is no longer needed and she'll be out of a job. Hadley tells them all to shut up and says when Nina said she couldn't have kids, they assumed it was because she was infertile. Maybe conception isn't her problem. She hangs up on them with that, and House happily says "the bitch is back." Yay.

Martha returns to Nina's room to tell her and her husband that they believe Nina has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. That explains her heart problems. It also causes miscarriages, just in case Nina happened to have had a couple of them. Nina looks at Brian and says that she's had not one, but three miscarriages. And didn't tell him about it. And he somehow didn't realize something was wrong. Nina's grief over the miscarriages caused her to become a hoarder, which then, in turn, made them both sick. Martha says they can help Nina's physical symptoms, but she'll need some serious therapy to deal with the hoarding. She might also want to talk to someone about why she felt the need to hide th

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