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And so, she hands Eddie a cup of coffee while he's waiting for Mickey to recover from his surgery. Eddie, meanwhile, is reading up on the latest parenting tips from Generic Parenting Magazine, as he has a six-and-a-half year-old. Right, well, I'm pretty sure that Generic Parenting Magazine does not recommend that parents be murdering drug dealers. That's sort of Step 1 to raising a happy, healthy child. Hadley decides not to comment on this, saying that Mickey seems to be getting worse and they don't think they can help him without knowing where he lives and thus where the coke stash is. Eddie doesn't want to put himself in harm's way, but Hadley points out that if it is environmental, it'll only be a matter of time before what affected Mickey starts making others sick, too. And, in fact, that matter of time is like one second, as Eddie suddenly starts feeling strange. "Are you okay?" Hadley asks with fake concern. She suggests that this could be the same thing that's affecting Mickey, but Eddie is not buying it. "Did you drug me?" he asks. "What?" Hadley asks, so guilty. Eddie figures that Hadley is hoping to trick him into feeling sick so he'll show her the coke stash location. Unfortunately for her plan, feeling drugged and feeling sick are different, and Eddie is kind of an expert on that. Busted, Hadley rolls her eyes and says Eddie will be fine in an hour. She thinks her little ploy has failed, but actually it's proven to Eddie how serious Mickey's condition must be if the doctors are willing to drug him. Um, or it proves how unprofessional PPTH is. Out of concern for Mickey, Eddie agrees to show Hadley the coke stash. Of course, it'll take an hour before he can do so, thanks to Hadley's drugs, but it's not like time is of the essence or anything.

It turns out that the coke is being stored in a dry cleaners, which Hadley notes is the perfect place to get sick from environmental causes. She gets to work taking many samples while Eddie paces nervously, hoping no one decides to stop by. What do they do when customers come in, asking them to remove a spot? Did they have to train as dry cleaners to make this front convincing? Hadley finds a bag of coke and naively asks if it's dry cleaning chemicals. Eddie says no, and there's no point in testing it because if it was what made Mickey sick then there'd be a lot of sick cokeheads in the PPTH ER right now. With this, someone enters the warehouse. Eddie appears ready to blow whoever it is away, but Hadley has a better idea. She pretends she's a prostitute Eddie took back to his coke dry cleaner warehouse to have some fun with. She charges an extra $50 if Eddie's cohort wants to watch. The cohort figures out what Eddie's doing there and leaves him to it with a thumbs up. Finally, all those cop shows Hadley watches have come in handy.

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