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At this point, Wilson walks right on to interrupt House's progress and to tell him the urgent news that the entire building they live in thinks they're a gay couple. Because that's something that needs to be talked about during work hours. Come on, Wilson. This is why all your patients die. House isn't too bothered about it, saying that's a natural conclusion for people to draw when two men over the age of 30 move in together. Especially when one of them is Wilson. House says they'll figure out that they're straight eventually, but that's not good enough for Wilson, who wants to date "the cute girl in 3B." Why not the cute girls in Apartment 3-G? Stay away from Margo, though -- she's a bitch! Meanwhile, the culotte dealer would like a glass of water. Without a second though, Wilson immediately gets it for him while saying that just telling 3B wasn't enough, as she still "side-stepped" his dinner invite. He says it must be because she thinks he's gay and not because she isn't interested in him. Then he answers House's question about what a culotte is. But he's not gay! Eddie says Mickey doesn't "wear" "culottes," so he trusts him implicitly to watch the product without dabbling in it himself. Then he wonders why it's taking so long for Mickey to come back from his test. "It's an ear test. I'm pretty sure he'll live," House says.

Oh, except that this is PPTH, so we immediately cut to Mickey in the process of dying in the middle of his ear test. Which he passed! Silver lining!

After the break, we're back in the meeting room. Mickey is doing much better, thanks to some medicine for his skyrocketing blood pressure, which caused the near-death experience. Hadley says that since Mickey got worse at PPTH, that rules out House's coke-lacing diagnosis. Foreman says that means they can "stop the Bloodhound Gang routine and go back to being doctors." Um, since when did the Bloodhound Gang deal with drug dealers? Wasn't that more about kid-friendly issues? Since, you know, they were on a kid's show? Although there were some references to elder abuse in "The Case of the Cackling Ghost" if I recall correctly. House seems to agree, and the Cottages get to diagnosing. Except for Foreman, who is distracted by a nice new watch on Hadley's wrist. Uh oh! Is she a drug dealer too? She comes up with a diagnosis of Carotid Stenosis that is sure to be wrong and House orders her and Taub to test for it. That leaves Foreman and Chase behind to have an awkward conversation where Foreman asks Chase how much he makes.

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