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Three's Company

House and Chase enter Mickey's room. "You're a wuss," House says. Chase backs away a bit, just in case. But Mickey is too sick to attack House, only threaten him. "Say that when I'm better," he growls. House says he's not too worried about Mickey beating him up in sickness or in health since he's figured out that Mickey has such a hard time dealing with stress that he has to take beta blockers. Thus, his heart rate doesn't go up when he's in stressful situations, such as beating people up or getting his spine tapped into. Mickey sighs, "sometimes I have to do bad things and not always to bad people." And in the last few months, he's had a hard time with it. He begs them not to tell Eddie because then "the guys" will think he's gone soft. I think the fact that he can't hear a loud noise without collapsing does that already. He says he took his last beta blocker the night before his original PPTH admission. House says that means they can eliminate Mickey's hypertension episode because it was simply a result of beta blocker withdrawal. Wow, you miss one dose of those things and you almost die? That sucks. I'd rather have the stress. Chase says that might also add a new symptom of extra stress, since Mickey's been a dealer for a long time but only started having problems with it in the last few months. Maybe his adrenal glands are producing extra adrenaline. House orders an MRI on Mickey's adrenal glands. Uh oh. But maybe this time the MRI (of DOOOM!!) will go easy on Mickey because he's a bad guy and the MRI is evil. Maybe they'll even become friends. House says Mickey will be back to his old drug dealer self soon and then checks with Chase to make sure he won't try to kill his patient for moral reasons. Again. Chase sort of laughs this off, so either he's been taking stress-reducing beta blockers himself or he just figures he paid his dues to society by losing his wife.

Wilson comes home to see the TV on what appears to be the Style channel. He's initially happy to see that the cable has been turned on, but then notices what House is watching ... and who he's watching it with. Yes, it's 3B, enjoying a backrub from her harmless new gay best friend. And they have Chinese food! And candles. And wine. House has a great time grinning triumphantly at Wilson, who appears to be wondering to himself why he didn't see this one coming. Then he decides to accept 3B's invitation to hang out with them, much to House's dismay. Is it just me, or is this turning into Three's Company?

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