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Three's Company

Mickey gets his MRI (of DOOOM!!) while Taub and Foreman chat in the booth. Foreman says he spoke with Cuddy again, this time bluffing that he had a job offer in the hopes that she would give him a raise now that he had some leverage. It didn't work, so now Foreman will be leaving PPTH as soon as Mickey's case is over. "OH SHIT!" Taub's face says. And yes, this is definitely an episode of Three's Company.

Wilson invites 3B over to the apartment to give her a dose of the truth: "House is lying to you." 3B thinks he's talking about how House and Wilson keep saying they're straight and just friends when they are obviously a gay couple. "It's 2010. Nobody cares if you're gay anymore," she says, somewhat inaccurately. Wilson attempts to prove his heterosexuality by telling her to look around the apartment and notice how straight male it is. They have no furniture, for instance. Why not? What happened to all the furniture in CTB's apartment? Also, "there are no window treatments." 3B thinks the fact that Wilson called them "window treatments" shows that he's kinda gay. Yeah. I'm a straight woman and even I don't call them that. What's wrong with "curtains?" Also, 3B noticed a Carpenters album. Oh, come now. Straight men can't like the Carpenters? What kind of world do we live in? Wilson says that House is just pretending to be gay to win her trust and sleep with her. As he says this, I think he realizes how insane he sounds. 3B accuses Wilson of being jealous that his boyfriend has a new friend and isn't spending enough time with him. 3B is a moron.

The rest of Mickey's MRI somehow went without incident, but didn't reveal the adrenal gland tumor they were expecting. As House and the Cottages pour into the meeting room, Hadley is behind House's desk trying to work his bugging receiver. As the lone woman in the group, it was up to her to actually read the directions the receiver came with and assemble it properly. It wasn't working before because House screwed the antenna into the wrong socket. She corrected the problem and is ready to listen in on some fun conversations. Her smug smile lasts for half a second before screechy feedback fills her ears just like it did House's. She blames it on the receiver not being able to find an open frequency, but her excuses trigger something in House, who wonders why there isn't an open frequency. Maybe something else is blocking it.

House and Hadley, PPTH's new technical expert, enter Mickey's room and get rid of Eddie by claiming they're about to give Mickey a rectal exam. "I'll check out the cafeteria," Eddie says, because rectal exams apparently give him an appetite. As soon as he leaves, Hadley shuts the door and closes the blinds -- er -- "window treatments." House asks Mickey why he took beta blockers instead of something more suitable for stress, like Xanax. He says some people take beta blockers to deal with stage fright as he removes his bug from the bottom of Mickey's mattress, then finds Mickey's. "You bugged your own room? Are you ... an informant?" Hadley asks. She totally watches too many cop shows. House doesn't think so. Informants are weasels, but Mickey wouldn't give up the location of the drug stash for the sake of his own health. He thinks Mickey is actually a cop.

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