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After the break, the Cottages watch Mickey from the hallway. Foreman says he doesn't see how Mickey's copness is relevant. Taub and Chase, meanwhile, should look ashamed of themselves for their judgments. House says that any information they know about their patient is helpful, plus now they can use it against him. He sends Hadley and Chase into Mickey's room to do exactly that. Hadley uses her cop show lingo to threaten to tell on Mickey to his handler. Mickey isn't fazed, saying they don't know his real name or what branch of law enforcement he works for. Chase doesn't seem to think that putting lowlife dealers away is worth Mickey's life. Mickey says Eddie murdered a snitch three weeks ago on his boss's orders. His boss, by the way, is one of the biggest coke importers in all of New Jersey and has a meeting with "the Big Fish" tomorrow night that the cops will bust -- unless those meddling doctors interfere. Hadley still doesn't think it's worth Mickey's life, but he says that he's already given 16 months of it to this undercover mission, in which time he hasn't been able to see his wife or even his dog. "I've put far too much into this and I will not let it fail," he says; "just keep me alive for another 24 hours and I will tell you everything that you need to know." That sounds easy enough, right? Well, no. Because when Eddie re-enters the room, Mickey suddenly clutches his abdomen and screams in pain.

In the meeting room, Chase explains that Mickey had an infarction in his gastro-intestinal tract caused by a clot in an artery. They removed a foot of his bowel, but he could get another clot at any moment, and this time it could be fatal. "And the moron still won't talk," House says. Taub points out that House thought Mickey was really cool until he found out he was a cop and not a drug dealer. Yes, well, House has had much better experiences with drug dealers than he has cops, hasn't he? Maybe if the cops could find out who shot him four seasons ago he'd feel differently. Also, Tritter. Chase says their patient is a hero, risking his life to put dealers in jail. House shrugs that they'll only be replaced by other dealers. Yes, but I'm sure the family of the guy Eddie killed will be grateful to see him punished, don't you think? Foreman gets back to the actual case, listing the symptoms: vertigo, fever, and now thrombosis. He says they've ruled out cancer, an infection, and autoimmune diseases since Mickey showed no improvement after they gave him those steroids for his fever. All they have left is House's environmental theory, but without any samples of Mickey's environment, there are too many choices and not enough time to test for them all. Hadley says if they can't get the information they need from Mickey because he's all noble and stuff, maybe they can get it from one of his more self-serving friends.

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