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Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am
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Two men stand around a giant cement thing in the middle of nowhere. One has a picture of a woman in the bikini and some duct tape, and the other just wants to get out of there and stop wasting time. But the first man, Tony, says this isn't a waste of time for him as he "needs" to do this before duct taping the photo to the top of the cement thing. The two men speed away in their SUV, and Tony gets on the radio with "control" and blames the other man, Glen, for delaying their mission with a pee break. Glen rolls his eyes but doesn't argue. Glen is such a pushover. Tony says the "target area" is clear. In the control room, Wendy, also known as the woman from the bikini photo, is now dressed in more appropriate work attire. She gets the go-ahead to launch a new bomb/missile she helped create for her job as a weapons engineer/scientist/something or other. She and a few military men watch a demonstration on video as the cement thing is obliterated by her new bomb. This makes everyone happy: the military men, Tony, and the other random people in the control room. The only person who isn't celebrating is Wendy, as she is too busy having a seizure.

At home with House, we get a nice shot of his leg scar as he does some painful leg-strengthening exercises. His underlings are already at work checking out Wendy's file, and Hadley has diagnosed her with a nasty case of karma due to Wendy's job being creating new ways to kill people. As opposed to Hadley's job, which, when you think about it, isn't all that different. How many unnecessary, painful, and dangerous things has Hadley done under House's orders? Not to mention that in her personal life, Hadley actually has killed someone. So maybe she shouldn't be throwing the judgments around. The attention soon shifts to House, who is downing a bottle of water like he just got out of the desert. He doesn't have much to say about Wendy, suggesting that they do the usual breaking and entering in her home and office, although he's not sure how successful breaking into her office will be, what with keeping out intruders being a matter of national security and all. Foreman says they can always ask for permission to go to her workplace while they give her an MRI (OF DOOOM!!). "Sure. Go ahead," House shrugs. He says he's finding it difficult to be interested in Wendy's case when he has another "interesting puzzle" in front of him to solve.

That's when Wilson roars in and Robert Sean Leonard packs an entire season of doing stuff into three minutes of screen time. "FIFTY BUCKS! Pay up!" he screams. He then proceeds to dance, sort of. Cleary, his recent stint on Broadway has shown him a few things. But not that many. House refuses to pay Wilson, saying that their bet is off due to the fight they placed money on obviously being fixed. Foreman, who seems to know something about the New Jersey boxing world, knows exactly which fight Wilson and House bet on and can't believe that House bet on Foley in the first place. "Speed beats power," House says. Not, apparently, when Power gets a good enough first punch on Speed to knock his ass out just thirty seconds into the fight. Or, as House believes, Speed has been paid off to lose on purpose. Wilson doesn't care if the fight was fixed or not: as far as he's concerned, his guy won and House's guy lost and House owes him $50. And he's going to torture us all with some more "dancing" until House pays up. House refuses to pay him, so Wilson gives him one day to prove the fight wasn't legitimate, or else he'll send his "boys" after House for the cash. Wilson then points at all the Cottages in what I believe is supposed to be a threatening manner and leaves. Only Foreman and Hadley find this entertaining. Taub and Chase, apparently, are totally lame today. House says he's going to figure out the puzzle that could cost him $50, as the money makes it more interesting to him. The Cottages can deal with the puzzle that actually earns House money, due to it being his job and all.

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