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"You Get To Basically Be An Ass On Paper And Channel Your Twelve-Year-Old Self"
SM: Well, any time you have something being inserted into someone's eye, you know it will be an effective episode. GL: That was incredible. You film it -- here's a little peek behind the curtain -- there's no needle there at all when you film it. And then the CGI, our computer techs, put in this amazing effect where, oh my god. SM: So I know you've been on the set since, like, 6 in the morning today. Are all the days really long like that? GL: The days are long; that's just the beast of television. You know, the harder task than coming up with a great script every eight days is actually filming one every eight days. So you kind of use every minute you can that's humanly possible and, you know, the crew -- I have the utmost respect for [them], just the amount of hours they put in, because I know at the end of a single episode, I'm completely exhausted and feel like I need to hibernate, and our crew just keeps going on to the next one, on to the next one, and they're just amazing. SM: Yeah, you guys are doing sixteen-hour days, pretty much, right? GL: Not quite that, but long. Thirteen, fourteen hours. SM: I'm curious, what did you think of the Stacy character? She was a big part of Season 2, which is when you started working on the show. GL: Yeah, I was a fan of some of the stuff she brought. I mean, through her we got to see a different side to House. I'm generally a fan of having a window into different parts of House. And she was a big part of "Three Stories," and that was sort of inspired by her reappearance, so without Stacy we may not have had that episode. And Sela [Ward] was fantastic, but as it went on, you sort of realized we don't want to have House live in a vulnerable place, because it's starting to take the edge off a little bit. So I was happy to have her, and then I was also happy to have House sort of reemerge and start hitting Wilson in the leg with his cane. So it was fun to be able to put that edge back on him after she was gone. SM: Which then kicked off, as you said, some great episodes in the second half of Season 2. We also saw that when House regained his edge in this season after spending the first two episodes seeming happy, only to lose his leg again. GL: It was, yeah, it was fun exploring that terrain and it was equally fun take his cane back off the shelf at the end of Episode 2. SM: Yes, that was an awesome, beautiful scene.

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