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"You Get To Basically Be An Ass On Paper And Channel Your Twelve-Year-Old Self"
SM: Can you sum up each character in a few sentences? GL: Uh...okay. That's a hard one. I like that Foreman has a quiet intensity and I love the fact that we sort of think of him as a House-in-training with a lot of the characteristics of House. I think he would never believe that he's going to be like House -- he would be offended by that notion -- but in our minds, he actually is the most like House. Then there's Chase, who really wants to be House, aspires to be like House, but really sort of never could. And Cameron is [a lot of] fun to write for because I think, over the three seasons, she's had the most noticeable arc. I think she's most noticeably being changed by working with House. SM: Hmmm. GL: She's gone from somewhat naïve, wide-eyed student to a much harder-edged, much stronger woman. SM: I like her better that way. GL: I think you'll like some of the stuff that's coming up as well with her. And Wilson's the Greek chorus and he's House's conscience. And Cuddy's just...Lisa Edelstein can do absolutely anything, so, she's fantastic. You know, she can stand up to House, give it right back to him. She can be tender, she can be hurt, she can be strong...I think she's probably [the favorite character for] a lot of people I've talked to. It's a powerful role. SM: I love Cuddy. She cracks me up. GL: Is she your favorite character? SM: Yeah, well, House is, of course, and then after that...I always enjoy watching Cuddy's scenes. So yeah, I guess she is. I'm mad at Wilson this season, so he'd better redeem himself. GL: He's uh, he's trying something. Which is all well-intentioned, but maybe going a bit awry. SM: But on the other hand, you know, after two seasons of Wilson being a bit of a doormat to House, letting him get away with so much, maybe it's good to see him give a little back. GL: I think so, too. It's sort of an opportunity Russel and I have never had because we've sort of bounced around, show to show, and frankly, most shows just didn't stick around long enough to do this, but tracking characters over seasons is a very cool experience. You can watch an evolution, you can track an evolution over the course of years, which is much more like real life. SM: Yeah, definitely. It makes you more attached to the characters, certainly. GL: And I think if Wilson [were] the same guy in Season 3 that he was in Season 1, people would be bored, so we try to make sure everybody evolves within the context of our case-a-week medical story.

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