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Wilson does the biopsy. He takes the opportunity to apologize to Dana for "unloading" on her, but Dana thinks he's just saying that because she's dying. Wilson says that's not why; he realizes now that Dana was right. He's been stuck in a rut ever since CTB died. He's still living in her apartment, surrounded by her things, afraid to move anything. He says he doesn't know how to get unstuck. Dana says the only wrong thing to do is to do nothing at all. With that, Wilson sticks the biopsy needle in Dana's lung. It bleeds. Dana says that isn't supposed to happen. I think Wilson knows that, Dana. Then again, maybe not.

House let Kumar in on the joke, as he's now at Hadley's bedside. Foreman is in the room, too, looking repentant. Kumar suggests talking to the drug company as if Foreman hadn't considered that option. Hadley weakly speaks up and says they should give the radiation more time to work. Kumar doesn't think they should let the tumor grow and possibly affect something in Hadley's brain that she needs. Yeah, because the character of Hadley is on this show so freaking much because of her brain. Please. Hadley doesn't think Foreman should be allowed to pay for his "sins" by destroying his career. Foreman already knows that she got that from House. "Does that make it any less true?" Hadley semi-whispers, looking off into the distance. Good lord, what happened to this show? Fortunately, Kumar speaks up and says this isn't about what Hadley wants. After all, Foreman didn't give Hadley a say in anything when he put her on the drug. The only reason why he's letting her dictate what happens now is because he'd rather not lose his medical license. Hadley says she'd feel worse if Foreman destroyed his career. Yeah, well, brain tumors don't feed off of remorse, so, again, who cares?

It turns out that Dana doesn't have mesothelioma, since mesothelioma masses don't bleed. Wilson, House, and Taub are trying to think of what does when Taub gets a page informing him that Dana's heart just stopped. He runs off to treat her while House coolly asks Wilson what that could be a symptom of.

Taub joins Kumar in Dana's room. Kumar says Dana is bleeding into the area around her heart, causing it to stop. He drains the blood around her heart, but then Dana starts bleeding out of her eyes, ears, and nose, which is super bad news.

After the break, Taub exposits that they're transfusing blood into Dana as fast as she's losing it, but they're still having trouble keeping up. Plus, her room has got to be, like, knee-deep in blood by now. Too bad Blue the Janitor can't find his mop bucket to clean it up! Kumar thinks they should remove the vascular tumors that are causing Dana to bleed out, but House says no surgeon would touch this patient right now. He knows this because PPTH's only surgeon is Chase, and Chase isn't in the episode this week. House's idea is to block off the arteries feeding blood to the tumors. Without a blood supply, they'll wither up and die. Taub points out that that'll kill healthy tissue, too. House thinks Dana will be just fine with only a quarter of her lungs.

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