The Greater Good

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Mrs. Taub wakes up and finds Taub sulking in the corner of the bedroom. She asks him if he can't be happy without a child. Taub admits that he doesn't really know, but he knows he won't be happy without her. Then why did he cheat on her? It makes no sense. Mrs. Taub needs to leave him. First he cheats on her, now he's making demands of her uterus. Kick him to the curb, Mrs. Taub! Instead, she joins him on the chair. Did someone on the House writing staff have a baby recently or something? What's up with all the "children are the only way to live a fulfilling life" stuff?

Foreman is back in Hadley's bed. She tells him that he snores. Guess he didn't have any trouble sleeping last night, then. And it's good to see that Hadley recovered from her brain tumor and radiation treatments so quickly. Now let us never deal with her health problems ever again.

And Wilson does the dishes. This time, he washes the mug, too. Better wash it well, Wilson. It's been sitting on the counter growing all kinds of things for months. The camera pulls away to show two open books on a nearby table, presumably in the middle of being read by Wilson and CTB before she kicked it. That would have been an issue and a character I would much rather have spent this episode exploring, so there's yet another missed opportunity on this show.

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