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House says that's wrong, since he doesn't listen to Cuddy, either. "Either do your job or go home. Leave me out of it," he says. Cuddy says she will do her job, albeit full of spite and anger and taking frequent coffee breaks to exact her revenge on House in the most childish ways possible. "Congratulations. You have officially dragged me down to your level," she says. Yeah, like that's the first time that's ever happened. Please. "Okay," House says, not looking too scared or concerned. With that, he heads for the nearest elevator with an out of order sign, removes the sign, pushes the button, and gets on the working elevator. He pauses only to say hello to Blue the Janitor, who is apparently on out of service sign duty because he hates House now. I'm just glad he's made a return appearance so I can correct my mistake from the first time he appeared and I thought his name was Lou. Blue folds his arms, outsmarted again. Also, the fact that he's working the day shift means he's not the Weird Night Janitor Who Wears His Pants Backwards after all.

Back to Dana, the CT scan has ruled out asthma. Good thing they gave her all of those steroids for no reason! Taub mentions the uterine myoma, saying Dana's lung problems could be the result of complications during her surgery eight months ago. Kumar, meanwhile, is annoyed that Dana quit, mentioning a four year old with retinoblastoma he once saw during an oncology rotation. The cancer ate her eye and went into her brain. Yeah, Kumar is so concerned with retinoblastoma that he didn't even know that the most promising cure researcher quit over half a year ago. Please. Foreman says that just because horrible diseases exist doesn't mean that people should feel compelled to try to cure them at the expense of hobbies and recreational activities. Haven't we seen this argument in, like, every superhero movie in the last twenty years? Do we really need it here, too? Hadley, of course, disagrees, since she'd hate to think that the person behind a cure for Huntington's is sitting on a beach somewhere making sandcastles and not working. Foreman says you can't live your life looking at the big picture -- "you've got to look out for yourself and the people you care about." That's why it's perfectly fine to sabotage a promising Huntington's drug trial in order to give your girlfriend a drug that might not even work. House has had enough of the lover's quarrel and ends it, saying that everyone does what makes him happy. The Cottages are here because they're happy to be here. Kumar is here because it makes him happy to help people. Hadley is a here because she wants her life to matter before it's prematurely over, and Taub and Foreman are here because they have no other choice. Taub asks House if he's happy to be here, but before he can answer, Kumar notices some increased interstitial markings on the CT scan. Foreman says that could be a sign of pulmonary fibrosis, and House sends the kids off to do a biopsy.

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