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House tells Foreman that he has a problem: Hadley appears to be losing her peripheral vision based on the way she had to turn her head to look at the MRI. Foreman is stupid and doesn't think anything of that even after working for House for five years and watching him get stuff like this right all the time. In fact, Foreman is so not rattled that he also manages to remember and step over the tripwire.

Wilson finds House bandaging his scraped knee in a clinic exam room. Wilson somewhat eagerly anticipates House's revenge on Cuddy to take many innocent casualties with it, but House claims that he isn't interested in getting back at her. He says Cuddy wants her revenge, and since he wants her to leave him alone, he's happy to let her do whatever she wants until she thinks she's gotten it. If he tries to get back at her, that will only prolong the process. "The only way to win this war is to lose it," he says. Oh, House. In war, there are no winners. Certainly not the viewers, who have seen this kind of thing happen over and over and over again on this show in various incarnations. Wilson says that's one way to look at House's inaction. The other is that House actually feels guilty for making Cuddy come back to work. For this, Wilson will have his lunch stolen from him, as House invites him to the cafeteria. He accidentally leaves his patient file behind, and Wilson picks it up and notes the name on it: Dana Miller, who he immediately identifies as the cancer researcher. This makes sense, since it's not like "Dana" and "Miller" are common names or anything like that. I think I went to school with five Dana Millers, but whatever. House says Dana is an ex-cancer researcher, and Wilson is shocked. Dude, she quit eight months ago. Way to keep up on the latest oncology news.

Wilson stops by Dana's room. She recognizes him from a past conference immediately, and he's impressed, although I'm not sure if he's impressed with her memory or his apparent memorableness. They make polite conversation about a persistent itch on the side of Dana's head being one of the symptoms of her liver failure, and then Wilson asks her why she quit. Dana is getting a little sick of every single doctor she encounters asking her this question and judging her response. Wilson doesn't care, though, because he has four kids about to die from retinoblastoma and it's all Dana's fault. Dana says someone else will find the cure. Wilson doesn't understand how Dana could have the chance to be that person and throw it away. He says it makes him want to give up, too. Dana says she's heard this all before, and when she quit her job, a lot of people were angry with her. She thinks it's because they're just as unhappy in their jobs and lives as she was, and envy her for being able to change what they cannot. She assumes the same is true of Wilson, and asks him what his rut is. The scene ends before we hear him answer "CUTE LITTLE KIDS DYING OF POTENTIALLY CURABLE EYE CANCER, BITCH!"

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