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Taub made it back into his wife's bed. Good for him. Also, unlike some couples (FOREMANHADLEY), the Taubs hang out in bed with their clothes on because they have nothing to prove. Taub brings up the subject of having children. I guess Cuddy's baby fever is contagious. Mrs. Taub hasn't caught it yet, though, as she apparently made her feelings about not wanting kids well known years ago (on their third date? Way to move way too quickly, Mrs. Taub) and Taub said he was okay with that at the time. He says he only said that because he wanted to get in her pants. Mrs. Taub says she's thought long and hard about the subject, and she doesn't want to have kids. She wonders what it would be like, but not enough to want to actually have them. Therefore, Mrs. Taub is a better parent than Cuddy. She says she likes their life just like it is. Yeah, it's awesome being married to a guy who cheats on you. What fun.

Apparently, Foreman woke up and realized that House is always right, as he charges into the lab and tests Hadley's peripheral vision. She fails, and worries that the fact that she knows she has a real side effect and therefore is on the drug means that the drug company will remove her from the trial. Not so much, Foreman says. He admits that she was on the placebo until just a few days ago, when he switched her to the real drug in the hopes that it would give her the same positive results it gave some of the other patients. Hadley says she'll just stop taking the real drug, then, and that Dana is negative for blastomycosis. She looks pretty spooked, but Foreman wants to talk. Dumb move, Foreman: Hadley says that Foreman just risked his career for her and they've only been dating for two weeks. Two weeks? That's it?? "I don't think I'm ready for that," she says. For real. Foreman came on way too strong. He should have just brought her some flowers. Women hate feeling smothered. Then again, he'd be a perfect match for Taub's wife.

Foreman goes to give Dana the news that she doesn't have blastomycosis. She's asleep, and when she wakes up Foreman notices a wound on her temple. Apparently, she was scratching it in her sleep and somehow managed to scratch through her skull and expose brain matter. Self-trepanning has never been easier or so painfree! Or so unbelievable! And yes, I know this kind of thing has happened in real life at least once, but in that case the woman who scratched a hole through her skull did so over time and in an area of her head that was left numb from a case of shingles, which is how she was able to do it in her sleep without waking up from the pain.

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