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After the break, plastic surgeon Taub has managed to close the wound up and, hopefully, outfitted Dana with one of those big cone collars they give to animals after head surgery to prevent scratching, because she says it still itches. House notes that one's brain can't actually be itchy, which means Dana only thinks she's itchy. "So the problem's in her brain," Taub says. "Thank god we have you here to interpret that for us," says the suddenly bitchy Hadley. Everyone stares, and she immediately apologizes, saying her headache is making her crabby. House pops a few sympathy Vicodins and orders the Cottages off to do an MRI on Dana's head. It won't be an MRI of DOOOM!! however, since things really can't get any worse than scratching a hole through one's skull. They leave, and House reaches for his cane, only to find it gone. I went back and looked, and it appears to have disappeared around the time that Kumar was talking about the importance of finding a balance between work and play.

Foreman chases down Hadley and says they should talk about her headaches, since they're getting worse even though she's off the drug. Foreman wants her to get an MRI. Hadley just wants some more headache-fighting painkillers. In fact, she's now taking twice the recommended amount of codeine. Great. Maybe she'll get addicted to them and be more like House than ever and we won't even need him on the show anymore. It'll just be all Hadley, all the time! Hadley thinks Foreman's concern is more about being dumped than her headaches. Foreman reminds her that when it comes to health problems, she's always in a ridiculous amount of denial.

House has fashioned a cane out of the janitor's mop handle and wheely bucket. He creaks into Cuddy's office and gives her a recent copy of a parenting magazine with an article that says working mothers are more attentive to their children than stay-at-home mothers. Cuddy grabs it and says she's sure that the article was written by working moms so they could feel better about wanting to work and be away from their kids. Cuddy, on the other hand, does not want to be away from her kid. Also, it's not a parenting magazine, but "Nurses Quarterly," which House probably swiped from the nurse's station. If he thinks Cuddy's revenge sucks, just want until he sees what the nurses cook up for him. You don't steal from nurses. Cuddy tells House to go ahead and dump dirty mop water on her carpet already so she can get back to work. Instead, House turns out and wheels out of there, the mop water still in the bucket.

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