The Greater Good

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Hadley gets an MRI. It's not an MRI of DOOOM!! so much as an MRI of BOREDOM!! as Foreman takes advantage of being in the booth and Hadley being a captive guest to apologize to her over the PA. He says he was just trying to help her. Hadley says right now is probably not the best time for a conversation, since she's not supposed to move. With that, Foreman sees something on the MRI that renders him nearly speechless except for a whispered "oh god."

Dana's MRI, on the other hand, came out just fine, as Taub tells House when he limps into the meeting room with a crappy substitute cane he probably stole from some old lady in the Clinic. At least it isn't the one with the four little legs, though. Kumar's there, too, but not Foreman or Hadley. Foreman finally arrives, but only to grab his jacket and leave. House tells his two remaining Cottages to test Dana's nerves by shocking them and leave to chase Foreman down.

He finds Foreman still in the hall and knows immediately that something is very wrong with Hadley. I could have told you that, though, even without seeing a second of this episode. For you see, something is very wrong with Hadley every other episode. It's a given at this point. Foreman says Hadley has a tumor in her optic chiasm. This would make me happy, except that there's no way it'll kill her so this just means more screentime for Hadley. Therefore, booo. Foreman's on his way to the drug company to come clean and look for patient files and see if random brain tumors were side effects for anyone else and how those tumors were treated. House says he can just tell her that without looking at any patient files. He lied to her before, right? The elevator door starts to close. House opens it and tells Foreman to wait before throwing his medical career away. The Huntington's drug inhibits cell death. All they have to do is be patient and it'll clear out of Hadley's system and the tumor will shrink on its own. And if it doesn't, Hadley will need Foreman to still have his medical license.

Foreman arrives back at the apartment, where Hadley's leg is bleeding because she tripped over a table because she can't see. Hey, does anyone remember Dana? The patient? Anyone?

Wilson arrives at work to find that House spent the night on his couch. Turns out Cuddy somehow managed to turn the heat and power off in House's apartment and House is too cheap to spring for a hotel room. Meanwhile, House has seventeen messages on his phone.

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