The Greater Good

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House enters the meeting room to find Kumar and Taub, who have been trying to call him all night. Taub says Dana felt shocks before they turned the nerve shocking machine on. That's a new symptom! "Shocks without shock, an itch that won't stop. She needs Dr. Seuss," House says. I'll bet she wouldn't mind having Drs. Foreman and Hadley on the team, but they're too busy with their own self-interests to help save Dana's life. Which is kind of ironic. Kumar throws out Beh├žet's Disease and B12 deficiency as possible diagnoses, but House rejects them both and tells them to look lower than the brain. Taub comes up with an aggressive spinal hemangioma. I hope for Dana's sake that it isn't a hemangioma. Any condition that starts with "He-man" can't be good. House sends Kumar and Taub off to go hunting for it. Off-camera, of course.

House stops by Hadley's apartment, where the ceilings are like thirty feet high. He lets himself in when Hadley doesn't answer the door. House says he's looking for Foreman, and soon notices that Hadley isn't looking at him and figures out that she's blind. She says Foreman is on his way to the drug company. House tells her to call him and make him come back; coming clean to the drug company won't help Hadley or her tumor. She needs radiation, he says, not ritual sacrifice. Why not both? It's not working on Hadley, so House sighs and takes a seat next to her and says he told Foreman to switch the drugs only if he loved Hadley. "He only thinks he loves me," Hadley says. "It's the same thing," House says. Foreman may be an idiot, but House doesn't think Hadley should let him ruin his own career over this if she feels something for Foreman, too. With that, he hands her the phone. She calls Foreman. Great, now House knows she has feelings for Foreman. He's never going to let this one go during differentials.

Wilson goes to see Cuddy. He informs her that her little pranks are physically harming House. Aw, Wilson can't bear to see House's knees all scuffed up. Cuddy says that's the point, and it's what House deserves. Wilson asks her what she's trying to accomplish. Meanwhile, the nurses at the nearby nurse's station must be hearing all of this and wondering if these people ever do their fucking jobs. What the non-cast PPTH staff must talk about when they're off-camera! Why couldn't the 100th episode focus on that? Cuddy says that House makes people miserable and he should pay for that. Wilson doesn't think Cuddy is all that miserable. If she was, she'd fire House and then be able to go home and be with her baby. Cuddy says she likes what House does for PPTH. "What he does is who he is," Wilson says, pointing out that the same could be said for Cuddy. He leaves her to do the Sad Realization blink-and-sigh.

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