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House Call

Cameron's all bitchy today as Stewart suffers over his oatmeal and asks her if this is the best test. "No, but you've kind of tied our hands," she says. And then she goes into mental fix-it mode and starts trying to talk to Stewart about being shot, and how his PTSD-related agoraphobia is nothing to be ashamed of and can be helped with therapy. Stewart says it's not PTSD, explaining that his girlfriend was with him when he was shot. She was shot, too, and she died. "I'm sorry," Cameron whispers. But she isn't sorry. Her heart just skipped a beat. A dead girlfriend means one less person in Stewart's life. If he has no friends or family, then she's going wedding dress shopping! Stewart continues that he's always been agoraphobic, ever since he was a child. He'd feel physical pain and have panic attacks when he went outside. Somehow, he managed to get a girlfriend, and she was the only reason why he ever wanted to go outside. When she died, so did his life in the outside world. Hey -- just how did those paramedics know to come to his house in the first place?

House enters the lab, where Taub is doing Stewart's blood test. House ensures that it will never be completed by dumping the blood all over the floor. One of these days, the cleaning staff is going to kill him in his sleep. Just you wait. House says he wants Taub to slow down his blood test progress and take Stewart off the morphine, all in an effort to force him to go to PPTH. Because at this point, it's a power struggle. Taub stupidly asks what motive he has to do this, and House says Taub's marriage is falling apart, which is why he's spending more time than necessary at work and willing jump at the chance to spend even more time away from his home. Because it takes such a long time to put morphine labels on bags of saline. Taub says his wife asked him to sleep on the couch "for a few nights," and he's not working extra to stay away from her. House doesn't believe him and neither do I.

Back home, House has figured out a way to lure the symbolic mosquito to its doom; a giant "skeeter trapper" that says it's for outdoor use only and uses propane. I looked it up, and such a ridiculous device does exist, and emits carbon dioxide in order to attract mosquitoes. Then it sucks the mosquitoes up and traps them somewhere. That's way too complicated. Also, I disagree with killing bugs when they're outdoors. That's their home. They're supposed to be out there. And you're never going to kill every single mosquito in the world with one of those things, so why bother? Also, the website boasts about how it lures mosquitoes in from all over the neighborhood, which is bound to backfire. No doubt some of them don't go for the trap, but another nearby carbon dioxide source -- you. You probably end up with more mosquitoes in your backyard than you would have had.

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