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House Call

Cameron seeks out Chase for pacemaker advice, but he says a permanent pacemaker requires extreme precision and skill (and yet, it can be done by Chase, wh isn't a specialized heart surgeon. Amazing!), and the portable X-ray and sonogram they've got at Stewart's house aren't precise enough. "He's dying," Cameron says. Chase says that's all the more reason for him to stay far away from this case, and accuses Cameron of looking for a reason to be angry at him. Cameron doesn't want to talk about it, but Chase persists, saying that the reason why they spend nights at his house is because he never felt welcome at hers. She kicked him out in the morning and never bothered to give him a drawer or space in her closet. "I was just a visitor," he says. He's felt like this from the beginning, but decided not to talk to her about it because he's passive-aggressive, and because he wanted to be understanding of Cameron's issues surrounding her PoorDeadHusband. Not anymore, though. "I can't keep chasing you forever," he says. Well, that's the end of that.

House is snoozing in his office, a mosquito-free zone. Cameron calls to report that Stewart is getting worse, even with the meds. House says they were too late and Stewart's a goner. Oh well! "You're giving up?" Cameron says. He sure is, and tells Cameron to call Taub to bring over some real morphine for Stewart's pain. Cameron says that she cleverly figured out that House took Stewart off the morphine and put him back on it already. Was that before or after they figured out the chlorine gas thing? Because if it was before, then Cameron has yet again sabotaged the case and Stewart's life in the name of helping him. But House admires Cameron for this, and says "I love you. When you reach puberty, give me -- " and then he stops because he's gotten his epiphany. I totally thought it had something to do with reaching puberty and Stewart being afraid to go outside since he was a child and that being some kind of symptom, but it's not -- he asks Cameron if Stewart had abdominal pain while on the morphine. Cameron says yes. House takes another look at Stewart's X-ray.

House returns to Casa Stewart with an X-ray and points Cameron to a spot on Stewart's hip. Cameron doesn't see anything unusual, but House tells her to think again. "You think he's got lead poisoning?" Cameron says. Whoa, where did that come from? Anyway, it explains all of Stewart's symptoms, and House knows how to get rid of it. He whips out a scapel and tells Cameron to hold Stewart down, promising he won't feel anything. Stewart looks at the hand Cameron's thrown over him suspiciously. "Except excruciating pain!" House says, and proceeds to cut into Stewart's hip with so much as anesthetic, just to be mean. I don't feel too sorry for Stewart. If you want anesthesia, you go to a hospital. House shoves forceps into the incision and pulls out some tiny bits of seven-year-old leftover bullet, explaining to Stewart (who I very much doubt is paying attention right now) that the mugger used hollow point bullets, which split into fragments as we see in the Magic Schoolbus Cam. The doctor who removed the bullet missed a few fragments, as they were stuck in Stewart's hipbone and the doctor was clearly a moron. And probably worked at PPTH. Everything was fine until the fragments started to dissolve, at which point Stewart got sick. Cameron asks if the lead poisoning could have caused Stewart's agoraphobia, but House says no. "I don't need to change!" Stewart says. "I know you think that, but you're using poison gas to clean your own bathtub. At the very least, hire an experienced cleaning woman!" Cameron says. Okay, I added to that. Actually, she says that Stewart might think his life is fine now, but it could be much better. "You'd have choices!" she says. Ew, choices. I hate choices. Choices make me take forever in the grocery store. And does Cameron really think that she's going to convince Stewart that the outside world is worth joining by nagging him incessantly? That would make me think that the world is full of people trying to tell me what to do, and want to stay away from them.

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