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House Call

"He's lying," House says; "about everything." Stewart knows he's miserable in this house no matter how many times he tells them that he's happy. And House knows this because of those rose petals in Stewart's entryway. He did a little research and found that the day Stewart collapsed was his dead girlfriend's birthday. He was going to put flowers on her grave, which I'm assuming was outside because it's illegal to bury people inside your house. Stewart also has a picture of him with the girlfriend, and in seven years Stewart hasn't aged a day! Maybe all that chlorine gas is a fountain of youth. House says that Stewart is a coward on top of everything else. "You want to change your life? Do something. Don't believe your own rationalizations, or you'll just lock yourself up and pretend you're happy." There's an awkward moment where everyone in the room applies that to his or her own circumstances.

First up is Cameron. She finds Chase in the doctor's lounge and says that he was right that her PoorDeadHusband's poor dead death affects her. I don't understand how she can be traumatized by it, when she married the guy KNOWING that he was terminally ill, and married him ONLY BECAUSE he was terminally ill! His death wasn't a shocking surprise, and didn't she once say she had feelings for the guy's best friend by the end anyway? Come on! Chase thinks he's getting dumped, but no -- "I cleaned out a drawer for you. Like, a big one." Aww. Smiles!

House tries to play his guitar, but it's out of tune and the symbolic mosquito lands on his hand. House moves to kill it, but then blows it away instead. Possibly because he knows that a CGI mosquito can't suck your blood. House grabs his keys and his jacket, leaving his cane behind with impulsiveness.

And then, music montage! House's motorcycle pulls up outside a house. Stewart nervously stands in his entryway. Chase fills his new drawer at Casa Cameron. House and Stewart both reach the front doors of their respective locations. And then we go to Taub, just in case anyone cared what's going on with him. He's sleeping on the couch, and Mrs. Taub the sucker doormat curls up next to him. Stewart opens the door. House creepily looks into Cuddy's living room window and sees her sitting on a couch, reading and not being sad about losing her baby at all. Stewart takes a step outside. House takes a step away from Cuddy's door. Did you really think he was going to knock on that door? I'm not sure if I wanted him to or not, but this was what I was expecting to happen. Everyone can change except for House. House and Stewart both make it to a curb at the same time, one having overcome his fear and the other submitting to it. We end the episode before we can see the part where Stewart gets mugged again. What an unfortunate coincidence!

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