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House Call

And so, Stewart's living room is turned into an OR, thanks to plastic sheets draping the walls. Stewart's nervous about Chase being in the room, and holds Cameron's gloved hand for support. Idiot. If this was a real surgery, he would have contaminated Cameron and made her have to re-scrub! He sincerely thanks her for not walking away from him, despite him being a "pain in the ass." "You're a good person," he says. Uh oh! Cameron is now wracked with guilt. Chase tries not to get all jealous at seeing another man holding his woman's hand and sets about putting Stewart to sleep. As soon as he's out, the Cottages rush to dismantle their fake OR and get Stewart into the ambulance. Cameron doesn't help because guilt makes one a poor team player.

Wilson sits down with Cuddy in the cafeteria and asks her how she's doing. "Better," Cuddy says. She sure is! It's been, what -- two days since she lost the baby she loved as her very own? And she seems to be just fine. When I was a kid, my pet guinea pig died, and I'm pretty sure I mourned that loss for a much longer time than Cuddy did for her human child. In fact, I'll wager that I'm sadder about Timmy's death to this day than Cuddy is about losing Joy. "Everything else good?" Wilson asks, so obvious. "Everything involving me kissing House is good -- oh god you dragged it out of me. You're a genius," Cuddy says. It would have been pretty funny if this was the first Wilson heard about this, but it's not, as we know. Cuddy says the kiss is "no big deal." She was "feeling vulnerable" and House is "a friend." In what universe is House a friend to Cuddy or anyone? Get a dictionary, Cuddy! Wilson says that he's needed friends, too, and yet never managed to make out with any of them. Not, I think, for lack of trying. "I don't think of House that way. I never have," Cuddy says, the "what me worry?" smile plastered on her face. Wilson asks why not, and Cuddy answers with a deconstruction of how their theoretical relationship would blossom and then wilt and then go down in flames. Wilson points out that Cuddy's done a lot of thinking about how her relationship with House would go for someone who claims to have never thought about it. Cuddy's smile turns into a busted! face. Cuddy says she'll be careful not to make out with House in the future, but Wilson says that's not what he was getting at. In fact, it was the opposite. Since when did Wilson hate Cuddy? He must, to want her to be burdened with a relationship with House.

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