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House Call

Speaking of awkward conversations, Chase and Cameron are having one as they wheel Stewart into the OR. Cameron has taken House's words to heart, and asks Chase if they can't spend the night at her place this time, pointing out that they used to share time at each other's places, but now seem to only spend it at Chase's. Chase says his place is closer to work, and Cameron says that her house is only five minutes further away and doesn't look like it was decorated by a "drunk rugby player." And with that one sentence, I know exactly what Chase's apartment looks like. "We can discuss it -- " Chase starts, but Cameron has some kind of point to make, and asks why they have to discuss anything. And with that, their progress is stopped by Cuddy, who appears out of nowhere and leaps in front of the stretcher, telling them that she gets a page when "that much surgical equipment is signed out." Now it's Chase and Cameron's turns to make busted! faces. Meanwhile I really want to see the PPTH equipment sign-out protocol manual where it says that it's okay to sign out enough equipment to set up a convincing home OR, but the hospital administrator will be paged about it, although not in time to actually stop it from happening.

So now Stewart is lying in the center of a room. House is sitting in a chair, Cuddy is pacing, and Cameron is trying to defend PPTH's right to kidnap patients. Chase says Stewart won't even know he was ever at PPTH, but Cuddy says he'll get an infection from his "dirty apartment" (way to judge, Cuddy. You haven't even been there) and that will somehow let him know that the surgery was done elsewhere. Cameron tells House to start defending them, but House just says Cuddy is right. They'll do the surgery here, and the post-op recovery as well. Cameron looks betrayed, but has no choice. Now here's what I want to see: the Cottages making up a PPTH post-op room to look exactly like Stewart's bedroom. He'll never know the difference! They used to do stuff like this all the time on Mission: Impossible. Chase and Cameron wheel Stewart out of the room so that Cuddy can try to talk to House alone. "You okay?" she asks. He says he is, and therefore, no talking is necessary. Cuddy points out the wound on his hand, which is bleeding but in no way large or bloody enough to warrant a concerned "you okay?" House explains that it's just the stigmata and takes off.

Cameron prepares Stewart for his surgery, as is the job of most ER doctors. She sends a random worker out to tell Chase that Stewart is ready for surgery, then injects Stewart with some wake-up drugs. She does this because she's feeling bad and wants to feel better about what she's done. When Stewart opens his eyes, Cameron explains that they had to bring him to PPTH for safety reasons. Stewart becomes agitated, because he doesn't want to be at PPTH and made that pretty freaking clear, so no matter how many times Cameron tells him to "calm down" his vitals start going crazy and so does he. Cameron tries to sedate him again, but isn't able to do it in time before Stewart hits the needle away and starts ripping tubes out of his body, causing blood to spray everywhere. She picks the dirty needle up from the floor and injects it into Stewart's IV line as Chase runs in and holds the patient down. "What'd you do?' he asks Cameron accusingly.

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