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Jerked Around

House gets a delicious CHOMP candy bar out of the vending machine. Foreman appears in his totally not gay pink scrubs and says the biopsy was negative for amyloidosis. And with Nate's new fever, Foreman's thinking he's got an infection instead, which would make this a bad time to give him a marrow transplant. Just ask Lupe! Oh, wait -- you can't. Cause she's dead. By the way, my spin-off with Evil Nurse Brenda and the Weird Night Janitor Who Wears His Pants Backwards will also include the Ghost of Lupe, who appears in the beginning of the episode to give them their mission for the week and then sporadically throughout the episode to dole out wise advice as needed. I swear, if Fox doesn't make this spin-off, then I will make it myself and put it on YouTube! This shit is GOLDEN! Anyway, House tells Foreman to biopsy somewhere else on Nate to find the amyloidosis. Foreman doesn't want to, and House says Foreman can either put up a futile argument before being forced to do what House wants or just give up now and do what House wants. Foreman chooses the latter, which tells House that he's not ready to leave House's wise teachings. There was a third choice, House says -- a "Third Way," let's call it, in honor of the departing Tony Blair. That was to defy House and start treating Nate for the infection Foreman thought he had. But obviously, Foreman trusts House's judgment more than his own. Or at the very least, he'd rather House be responsible for being wrong than be responsible himself. Either way, House has a very good point.

House is still trying to get out of Nate's chess trap when Chase stops by to blame him for sabotaging Foreman's job interview. House denies it at first, but Chase is smarter than the average Foreman and says that everyone in the opening credits cast is blaming each other for Foreman's interview thing. And who, among them, would be most likely to enjoy an environment of paranoia and mistrust? And who was the one who touched it all off by accusing Cuddy? House asks why he would even bother trying to deflect the suspicion off of himself in the first place, and Chase has an answer to that, too. Foreman wasn't going to do any work if he knew House sabotaged him, and House needed Foreman to work. Not like Foreman's doing any work worth saving anyway. "Sometimes, I forget why I hired you," House says, smiling and sinking back in his chair. Chase says House screwed Foreman over and gained nothing, but House says Foreman wouldn't have been happy at the hospital he was interviewing at. Too bad he'll never get the chance to find that out for himself. Chase tells House to tell Foreman he wants him to stay. House says there's no point to that. Foreman will still leave. Chase says it would show Foreman that House isn't evil. "He needs that," Chase says, rapping a chess piece on the table. House stares at the chess piece and the way Chase is holding it...and he has his Great Epiphany. He grabs some chess pieces and leaves.

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