The Jerk

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Jerked Around

House makes one last stop before he leaves for the night: the lab, where Foreman is hard at work. House hesitates, appearing to prepare himself to be not evil and ask Foreman to stay. But then, instead, he asks Foreman if he's looking for amyloidosis in Nate's biopsy. "Yeah. Still nothing," Foreman says, refusing to learn even after House so much as told him that he doesn't want an employee who blindly follows his orders without challenging them. So now, House has two choices here: he can tell Foreman he wants him to stay, or tell Foreman he wants him to quit. Instead, he chooses a Third Way and orders Foreman to run the test again. Foreman will stay up all night doing this unnecessary test without even realizing that he's taken -- and failed -- the only test that mattered.

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