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Unhappy Accident

Chase tells Stacy that Sam had a previously undiagnosed hepatoma (malignant liver tumor) that got a free ride into Kayla's body during the transplant, where it grew rapidly thanks to those immunosuppressants Kayla was taking. Stacy is pretty amazed at House's skills, and at the human body's ability to turn hepatitis into cancer. Chase says that House's instadiagnosis (accuracy rate: now .01%!) actually saved Sam's life, because they were able to catch and remove the cancer before metastasized. Kayla was not so fortunate. Her body was rejecting Sam's liver, and there was no way to relist her for a transplant because she had cancer. Stacy says this is a good thing as far as Chase is concerned, because they can now blame Sam for Kayla's death. Chase points out that Kayla would have died six months ago if Sam hadn't done that transplant. Probably so, but Stacy says they can't prove that, since it never happened. Then her pager goes off. She reads it in less than a nanosecond and tells Chase to come with her.

Off we go to Cuddy's office, where Cuddy is super-pissed to find that Kayla's family is suing PPTH and Chase for $10 million for negligence and malpractice. Stacy is surprised at the high figure, saying they'd have to be saying Chase was grossly negligent for the punitive damages to be that high. Chase says that the lawyer must be out of his mind, then, but Stacy knows who the Kayla family's lawyer is, and that he wouldn't sue for this much unless he had a very good reason. Which means that Chase and House have been lying to her. House denies lying about anything, and points out that he's actually not the one being sued here, which is a funny and unusual feeling for him. Stacy wants to know what they're hiding from her. Chase looks at House. House looks at Chase. Chase says that Sam did manage to find Kayla a second liver. On the Mexican black market. Cuddy rolls her eyes so hard that her entire head moves with them.

Back in the past, Foreman and Cameron can't believe that Chase would be okay with his patient flying off to Mexico City to get what Foreman assumes will be a pig's liver in an operation performed with a hacksaw in the back of a van. Well, I'm sure it will be a clean van, at least. Chase tells them to go tell on him to House, but he's sure House will agree with him that if there's a one in a billion chance to save their patient, they should take it. Foreman says that Kayla is being manipulated by her guilty brother and doctor. Chase is pretty sure that Kayla is just as determined not to die as they are. "She's dying either way!" Cameron says. Foreman points out that third-world organ transplants have a success rate of zero, and that this will just get Chase in more trouble than he already is. Smart of Foreman to appeal to Chase's self-preservation instincts.

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