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Unhappy Accident

House twirls his cane. Chase talks to the review board. Stacy takes a seat and asks House if Chase is telling the committee about his dad. How does Stacy know about that? Did House tell her? Didn't he just say he wasn't going to tell anyone the truth if Chase didn't want him to? House asks Stacy what happened to her advising Chase to sell him out. Stacy says she would never do that; House is her client, too. Where was this professional stance when Stacy was refusing to deal with House and telling him to sign papers that she then told Chase he shouldn't? House asks Stacy how they're supposed to deal with each other as co-workers when they have feelings for each other, be they positive or negative. I'm guessing they'll do it the way they've done it all season so far: by asking each other this question in every episode and resolving absolutely nothing until Sela Ward's guest-starring contract is done. It seems to work well enough for them, if not the viewers who are subjected to the same freaking scene over and over and over again. Stacy says her feelings for House aren't "all" negative. She loves and hates him. He will always be the one. WE KNOW. Man, I was really hoping this crap would end when Stacy found out about the therapy file theft, but no. Nothing has changed. "So, what do we do?" House asks. "I don't know," Stacy responds. Well, neither do the writers, apparently.

A doctor calls House into the room. The committee has reached its decision: Chase's error resulted in a patient's death, and he lied to his superiors and Sam. But the mitigating factor of Chase's dad's death means they won't be firing Chase -- just suspending him for one week and putting a note in his file. Chase looks relieved. And now he knows that he can get away with anything as long as he has an emotional issue to use as an excuse! As for House, he didn't do anything wrong, but no one likes him, so they're going to punish him anyway. For the next month, he will have to be supervised by a doctor Cuddy will choose. The arbitrary committee meeting is adjourned.

House storms back to the meeting room, where Cuddy, Cameron, Wilson, and Foreman are waiting. House angrily asks Cuddy if she knew about this. She says the committee "contacted her" an hour ago, which would make it seem like they had made their minds up before they even talked to House or Chase, wouldn't it? Unless review committee hearings last all day. I wouldn't know. Cameron asks what happened to Chase. House rips off his tie and tells Chase he's fired. "No, he's not," Foreman says. "Meet your new boss," Cuddy says. Well, that's kind of ridiculous, although as long as it gives Foreman something to do, I'm all for it. Wilson makes a great "whatwhatWHAT?!?!" expression. Foreman's ego swells. Cameron has no idea what's going on. Wilson breaks the silence by saying he's apparently Foreman's best friend now. House smirks just a little bit.

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