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Unhappy Accident

Stacy eschews the coffee for a hot cup of gossip, running to Cameron for the real reason Chase didn't pay enough attention to Kayla's stomach complaint. Obviously, everyone wisely decided to leave Cameron out of the loop, knowing her tendency to tell people things she shouldn't: she just says that, as far as she's concerned, Chase made a minor mistake. Stacy asks Cameron exactly how far her concern goes, having heard through the hospital grapevine that Cameron and Chase had sex. Wow, that sure did get around fast. I wonder who spread the rumor around? Only two people besides Cameron and Chase knew about it, and Foreman doesn't exactly strike me as the gossipy type. Nor do I believe that enough people would talk to House for the rumor to be spread through him. That just leaves Chase bragging about his sexual exploits to anyone within earshot. Cameron wants to know what pathetic rumor mill managed to spread the information about her having sex but missed the really juicy stuff about how she was high on her patient's drugs while doing it. Stacy tells Cameron that the proper response to any questions about her and Chase is that they aren't involved, like anyone on that peer review committee is masochistic enough to call Cameron forward to testify and endure the three-hour-long speech about how Kayla's death reminds her of her Poor Dead Husband that would inevitably result. Cameron insists that she has no idea why Chase screwed up. She tells Stacy that the best person to ask is House. Hey, Stacy -- when freaking Cameron is telling you to put your Issues aside and do your job properly, you should really pay attention.

Of course, Stacy won't be doing anything reasonable like that, so she runs to Foreman, who's in a really bitchy mood. I guess Stacy does have that effect on people. He tells her that Chase "doesn't give a crap about his patients," and always tells them the same story about having his tonsils removed, which isn't even true. Plus, Chase makes fun of his patients the second he's out of their earshot because he wants to be just like House. Foreman -- who wears House's sneakers and is more like House than anyone else on this show -- doesn't think House is someone to aspire to being. Stacy wisely decides that Foreman won't be testifying at the review hearing. Foreman asks her what House had to say about the whole thing.

The incredibly talented Greg Winter is playing House's latest Clinic patient, a guy named Chuck who's had a bad cough for the last two months. I have to say, Greg Winter really sells his performance here. What a talented and handsome young man he is! And my opinion is in no way influenced by the fact that I know him. Anyway, it's really hard to pay attention to House in this scene when you have the magnetic screen presence of Greg Winter, but I'll try. House scolds Chuck for spending money on trivial things like watches and MP3 players and then not being able afford health insurance, thereby forcing him to wait so long to see a doctor at a free clinic. For a guy who owns both a Gameboy DS and a PSP, House is surprisingly unsympathetic to today's gadget-loving man. Stacy -- who we all know is no stranger to walking right on into occupied patient exam rooms -- suddenly enters and demands to speak to House in another room. "It's confidential," she says, like House and his patient aren't. What if House were looking for herpes on the penis of some guy Stacy knows when she walked in there like that? House knows that there's safety in numbers, and refuses to go anywhere alone with Stacy. They compromise when House covers Chuck's ears with his stethoscope and tells him to listen to his loud, crackly lungs so that he and the Misses can have their conversation in private. For some reason, I don't think "preserving patient confidentiality via loud lung sounds" is part of the HIPAA guidelines.

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