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Unhappy Accident

At this point, Chuck voices his request to hear some more juicy details. Instead, House tells him a story about a guy named "Buck" who didn't think health insurance was necessary and suddenly got a horrible lung disease that needed a very expensive lung transplant to treat. Buck can't apply for health insurance to cover that expense because it's a "pre-existing condition" now that a doctor has diagnosed it. Buck should have made sure he had insurance before he got that diagnosis. Now he'll die for sure. Poor Chuck thinks House is telling him that he has that same lung disease and hauls ass out of the exam room to buy some insurance before House can diagnose him. Or maybe he's assuming that he does have a fatal disease and is off to kill himself so that he won't have to suffer. House had better hope it's not the latter. I hope so, too, because Greg Winter was awesome in that scene and they should bring him back and they can't do that if he's dead. Stacy is horrified that House could inform someone in such a flippant manner that he has a terminal disease, but House tells her to relax; Chuck just has a cold. And soon he'll have health insurance, too! There's no such thing as Stacy insurance, though, so we still have to listen to her angrily accusing House of being a manipulator.

This continues as they leave the exam room and go out into the hallway, where Chuck has put a few Chuck-shaped holes in the wall in his eagerness to buy health insurance RIGHT NOW. Stacy and House talk about his therapy-file-stealing exploits and resolve absolutely nothing, and then Stacy asks House why he didn't fire Chase for making that mistake. "He has great hair," House answers. Stacy grabs House and spins him around to face her. She demands to know what he's hiding from her. "I'm gay," House admits, adding that this does explain why he spends so much time with Wilson and has that shoe obsession. That rustling sound you hear is the sound of thousands of HoYay lovers deciding that HoYay has now become too played out and mainstream for them and trying to come up with something new and cutting-edge to like instead. I really, really hope it won't be PetYay.

Stacy returns to Chase with coffee and a bad mood. She asks Chase why he didn't ask Kayla those necessary questions, and Chase figures out that she talked to House. He maintains that he made a simple mistake that doctors make all the time. Stacy asks what happened after Kayla's operation.

Cameron tells Kayla's brother, Sam, that Kayla's kidney damage can be treated with dialysis, but that the liver damage can only be fixed with a transplant. Sam volunteers part of his own liver, but Cameron says thatsurgeons won't operate on a living donor unless he's had a lot of time to really consider his decision. "There's black markets," says Sam, who has apparently been reading too many of those urban legends about the guy who brings a girl home and then wakes up in a bathtub full of ice and "call 911 or you will die" written in lipstick on his chest. Chase rolls his eyes at the stupidity while Cameron tries to stammer out an answer that won't make Sam mad enough to punch her in the face.

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