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Double House, Double Wilson

And so, the surgery. House watches it from the OR balcony. Wilson decides to join him. Either it's freezing in the OR balcony, or else Wilson is just trying to avoid another grandma lecture from House, as he's wearing both his coat and his scarf. He's also wearing his heart on his sleeve, as he apologizes to House for overreacting in the cafeteria. I don't think he overreacted, though. If House doesn't want to get yelled at, he shouldn't pry into things that his best friend is obviously trying to keep from him. He should respect that Wilson has a reason for his secrets. But he doesn't, so he says he's figured out what Wilson has been trying to hide from him. Wilson only snaps when he's afraid of losing someone. CTB is already dead, so it must be someone else. House went back to Mercy and found another J. Gonzalez employed there -- Javier, a nurse in the psych ward. Yes, it's the triumphant return of Wilson's long-lost brother, mentioned only once waaay back in Season 1. How can the writers remember that, but forget that Wilson was Jewish in Season 1 at the same time? The brother's name is Daniel, and he's Mercy's newest psych patient after being found sleeping in an office building. Wilson says that Daniel is on some new drugs that were developed after he ran away, and by tonight he should be ready for guests -- if he wants to see them. House asks Wilson why he kept this from him. The answer is another reference to the title, as Wilson says he and House don't have the normal "social contract." House doesn't lie to make Wilson feel better, or when he needs help deceiving himself. Anyone else would tell Wilson that everything will be okay and his brother will be happy to see him. House wouldn't. And Wilson didn't want to hear that. Too bad, because he's going to get it anyway: "it might all go horribly wrong," House says. But then he turns human and offers to keep Wilson company. Meanwhile, there's footage of Nick's surgery playing behind Wilson, and the surgeon is being awfully careless. I'm pretty sure I just saw him scrape away Nick's ability to breathe on his own. Bummer.

The wife is waiting for Nick when he gets out of surgery. Foreman removes the breathing tube, and, sure enough, Nick can breathe on his own. He made it out of the surgery just fine despite what Kumar and Foreman told him. He introduces himself as "Nick Greenwald, former SOB." Everyone is happy. Nick says he's ready to go back to his beautiful life with his beautiful wife. Hopefully, she'll stop whining and give him a break since he almost died to get his tact back. Whoops! Foreman doesn't understand -- they removed the damage, so Nick's disinhibition should be gone. Taub says whatever caused the damage in the first place must still be there. Guess it wasn't the Rottweiler after all! Then why did it get better after the antibiotics? Meanwhile, Nick's body temperature is dropping. He's still not as cold as his wife, though, who takes this opportunity to get all pissy and ask Nick what he really thinks about her and her line of work. And since she asked for it, she gets it. Nick says people who publicize important things are people who can't do important things themselves. Wife cries. Whatever, Wife. He also said you were beautiful. Stop focusing on the negative. She asks Nick if he regrets marrying her. "Sometimes," he says. She asks if he loves her. He immediately says he does. That's not good enough for Wife, who starts walking away. Nick's heart goes all wonky, and Wife leaves without knowing if he'll survive or not. She sucks. I'd regret marrying her all the time.

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