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Double House, Double Wilson

Meanwhile, Kumar and Taub are paired up in the cafeteria. Taub is feeling very insecure about the size of his nose after Nick's comments. Kumar tells him not to worry, since Nick also said he had a creepy bedside manner and that's not true. Taub thinks that one over and decides he doesn't feel any better. Clearly, he thinks that Kumar really does have creepy bedside manner, but Kumar doesn't pick up on that. Kumar asks Taub how he could never have dealt with this issue before, coming from a plastic surgery background and all. Taub says he was always told that his nose suited his face, and now he thinks people were just saying it to be polite as part of the "social contract" we have to mention many times this episode in order to justify the title. In a particularly unflattering profile shot, Taub asks the cashier what she thinks of his nose, trying to get an unbiased opinion. But if the cashier isn't going to tell off House for all the abuse he doles out to her, then she sure isn't going to insult Taub, so she just says "it's fine. It's a nose." Don't think the "it suits your face" comment is all BS, Taub -- I knew a guy with a large nose that really did suit his face. Then he got a nose job and now he has a little pixie nose that does not suit his face at all and we never know where to look when we see him at reunions.

House limps over to Wilson's table with an empty plate, ready to fill it with his friend's food. But Wilson is clearly still smarting from House's "persona" comment. Undaunted, House sits down and takes his food anyway, saying that Wilson isn't like Nick, whose nice shell hides an asshole core. No, House says, Wilson doesn't have a core at all. He is whoever he's with needs him to be. You mean, like Brad Pitt? He morphs into the male version of whatever girl he's with. That's going to bite him in the ass when he breaks up with Angelina Jolie but still has to take care of all those kids. House wants to know how Wilson came to be this way. I want to know why House thinks that insulting his best friend and saying he has no core is a good idea. Or why he'd want to be friends with someone like that in the first place. What's really bothering House is the fact that he knows that Wilson has a secret appointment on the night of the monster truck rally. He doesn't like it when his only friend hides things from him. I think Wilson needs to stop marking mystery outings in his appointment book where House is bound to see them. Did he really think that marking it off but not saying who the appointment is with would really be enough to throw House off the scent? Wilson claims he's playing racquetball with Taub, and he only tried to hide it from House to save Taub from being harassed by a jealous House and to save House from being hurt by the fact that there are some things Wilson does that House and his bad leg can't do with him. That pretty much ends the conversation.

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