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Double House, Double Wilson

After the break, the Cottages assemble in the meeting room. Nick is now running a fever of 103, which points to an infection that the steroids made worse. Nice going, Foreman. House tells the Cottages to get a history from Nick, believing there must be something in there that they missed the first time around. Kumar keeps trying to argue that they've gotten the most detailed history possible, but House doesn't care. Taub attempts to escape and get the patient history, preferring insults from Nick to whatever House has cooked up for him, but it's no good -- House tells him to stay seated and wait instructions for his special punishment assignment.

It's actually not that bad. All Taub has to do is talk to Wilson. He invites Wilson to lunch. Wilson is confused, until Taub tells him that House figured out he was no racquetball player and is now trying to use him as a double agent. And I'm sure he had no idea Taub would immediately confess this to Wilson.

Kumar checks out Nick's eyes and notes that they're looking red. Nick says that's probably from his guilt and worry-induced insomnia, and tells his wife, who's a glutton for punishment and sitting in the corner of the room, that she might benefit from a few hours of sleep as well. Kumar agrees, but Wife thinks Nick is trying to make her leave because he's afraid he'll say something mean to her. Well, NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. You should be afraid of that, too. Leave the room and let actions speak louder than words in your marriage. Geez! But no, Wife is now afraid that Nick is holding back something even worse than what he's already said, and she apparently wants to hear it even as she pretends that she doesn't. Nick says he doesn't know what he'll say, and that's why he wants her to stay away. "This is pathetic," Wife says. She really is stupid. On her way out, Nick asks her to tell Marika that he loves her very much. Wife is sure Marika knows that, but Nick thinks she's just saying that to make him feel better. "Yeah," Wife says. Uh ... Wife? You're not the one with the frontal lobe disinhibition, so your only excuse for brutal honesty is that you're petty.

Kumar finds House waiting outside Wilson's office. He says he found something in the medical history they missed after all -- Moron Wife is a dog rescuer, and her latest case is a freaking Rottweiler that has taken over the house and marks his territory all over the living room. Who brings an untrained Rottweiler home to a house with a small stupid child in it? Stupid Wife, that's who. I think Nick's brain damaged itself to drive her away. And it was doing Nick a big favor. Nick recalled putting a glass of juice on the floor while he was trying to fix the TV recently, and the dog could have marked it as his territory. That, combined with the red eyes, points to Weil's disease. Worse than that, though, it means that Nick drank dog pee. Gross! House tells Kumar to start treating Nick with antibiotics and see if he improves as Taub exits Wilson's office.

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