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Pennies From Hell

Chase and Foreman are incredulous that House is talking to a patient. Chase: "I don't know who I am anymore." Allow me: you're a hot Aussie who could really use a trip to a salon, but can fill out a pair of jeans like nobody's business. Does that help? Foreman wonders what the appeal of this case is, given that Friedman's mom is crazy, but Chase says that at least crazy people aren't boring. He leaves, and Foreman wonders if he just got dissed by Chase, House, or both.

House asks Friedman's mom about her meds, and she babbles about liking baseball: "Very sad. My boy and me, we went to see a game." Considering this is all it takes for House to realize that she's talking about the Mets, I guess he follows American sports a little more than I would have guessed. Friedman's mom twitches some more and says that no one believes her. House: "I do." Friedman's mom could use a trip to the salon, too, but she's got more of an excuse, with the CRAZY and all.

Foreman still won't let it go, now bothering Wilsensei about why House is so interested in Friedman's mom. Wilsensei: "He likes puzzles." Yeah, the time you played "Guess My Favorite Position" really turned him on.

Friedman's mom tells House that it never used to hurt. Friedman's name is apparently Lucas, but that's too confusing, since Luke was his best friend on Joan. Friedman's mom: "Don't lie to him, Limpy. Lively Lucy never lies to Lucas. Look what I do to him." Okay, we get it, you're NUTS!

The Martins and Wilsensei now all have nothing better to do than wait around for House to reemerge. When he does, he tells them that Friedman's mom hasn't shaved her legs in the last two months. I was wondering why House wasn't jumping on her. He says that she's afraid she'll cut herself because of her tremors, but Chase points out that the tremors aren't new, so House theorizes that something changed in the last two months -- possibly the amount of blood produced by the cuts. He orders blood work, and Cameron nods as her boobs jut out so far I'm surprised Chase and Foreman aren't wearing protective goggles as a precautionary measure. Wilsensei wishes House good luck and takes off, like, nice to pretend to have anything to do. Friedman returns with the Reuben, and says it's cold now. Cameron: "If it's a Reuben, that's the way he likes it." Oh, shut up and go polish some apples, Cameron. House introduces Friedman to the group, and Cameron gushes that it's nice to finally meet him, and considering that he's a one-off and we're only a quarter way through the episode, I'm thinking that Cameron needs once again to shut up. House dismisses Friedman so that they can run their tests, but looks after the kid's departing form wistfully, or as wistfully as he can muster before shoving a cold Reuben into his maw. He tells the Martins to get on the tests, and to take Friedman's mom off the psych meds, since they might get more out of her. Chase and Foreman depart, but Cameron has to stick around to tentatively wish House a happy birthday. He tries to play dumb, but apparently, she was going through his mail, and his birthday was on a form. She doesn't reveal that she beat his local mail carrier over the head with a nightstick to get her hands on said form, but we all know the truth. House, busted, is all, "Oh," and Cameron walks off with a self-satisfied smile. Is she always this annoying? House looks after her with the same expression as when he watched Friedman go. Considering that he takes another huge chomp out of his Reuben immediately after, I guess that makes sense.

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