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Identity Crisis

We open in a dark hospital room. It turns out these were not the best conditions to deliver a baby, as the one the two new parents got has both male and female DNA. A doctor explains that the condition is called genetic mosaicism, and the baby should live a perfectly normal life as soon as they fix up hisher genitals. Mom, ensconced in darkness, asks for clarification on that point. "Made to look more typical," the doctor says. Mom is still confused, since she doesn't even know what the sex of her baby is. What part of "male and female DNA" doesn't she understand? The doctor says they get to choose. They might want to turn a few lights on before they do that.

And then it's twelve years later, and House kicks off March Madness a little early with a middle school basketball game. Our s/he baby is now a seemingly normal boy, although when he gets the chance to make a shot, he chickens out and passes it instead. What a girl! He gets the ball again and another chance to shoot, and just as time runs out, he scores the winning point. Every boy's dream come true! But stalling to make it come down to the last second like that did have a certain dramatic flair, so, what a girl! His parents cheer until their son doubles over clutching his stomach before collapsing on the ground.

House isn't even on this show anymore, so we go to morning at Hadley's apartment instead as she and Foreman get dressed for work. Hadley asks Foreman if she should wear boots or heels to work. Foreman says he's "a fan" of her heels, so she chooses the boots, saying that House probably knows that and they have to keep pretending they've broken up. Also, didn't House once refuse to hire someone awesome because she wore heels to the interview? Why does this not also apply to Hadley?

Amazingly enough, House is already at work, although he isn't actually working. He's having breakfast with Wilson, and asks for Wilson's leftover bagel. Wilson is flabbergasted; House has never asked him before taking his food before. "Yes we can," House says as Cuddy comes marching up with a new case. It's Jackson the boygirl, who has "persistent pelvic pain." "Fun!" House says, reaching for the file. Cuddy rains on his parade and says he's not allowed to tell Jackson about his female DNA problem, on orders from the parents. House says that's less fun, but he'll still take the case. He grabs the file and walks off, leaving Wilson and Cuddy to wonder what's up with his new attitude.

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